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The community is close minded and often racist. As a White person, I was embarrassed to hear the things that were said about minorities by some of the people living here. The Village general is pretty backward in race relations and cultural competence. We had to move. Thank goodness there is only one Waunakee in the world. That’s one too many!
i personally do not like wauankee that much because it is full of little kids who are full of themselves. But other than that life is pretty good here .............................
I love Waunakee. It's a quaint town full of hard working people. The village is beautiful year around.
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It is safe. Not a lot of diversity. The schools more than prepare you for college. I enjoyed being part of the athletic program.
I love Waunakee. It is a wonderful place to raise a family or start a business. Only friendly people walk the streets, flashing smiles to all that pass by.
While the schools are good, the village continues to destroy farmland at the expense of those who live there and demolish affordable housing to turn the community into one with only wealthy families to grow the tax base. I was raised here and still live here. There used to be way more local businesses on Main Street but when all the wealthy areas were starting up the rents got so high that the small businesses couldn’t afford them. The village government is mostly made up of folks who haven’t lived here that long and are wealthy. If you want to live in a community that doesn’t care about the middle class and has lots of greedy folks, this is your place.
Waunakee is a great town for affluent families to reside. The schools are top notch and there are plenty of area attractions for residents to enjoy.
Small town classic value is what you will find here in Waunakee WI. Friendly people, beautiful parks and highly rated schools. I have lived in Waunakee since I was 10 years old and I have just loved it ever since! There are so many things you can participate in in this town. One of my favorite things is the big town festival in July with a parade and fairgrounds. I highly recommend 'the only Waunakee in the world'.
Small farm community with top notch schools and excellent restaurants. Filled with friendly people who love their sports. Just a quick hop and a jump from Madison and the capital, lakes and downtime fun.
This town is the best for all kids and even special needs. The house market is very high as taxes go but my son was in deforest and it was aweful. The special ed program in Waunakee is by far the best! Many people come from all over just for the one in Waunakee!
Waunakee is good for natural beauty, but not for businesses and entertainment.
Transportation is favorable for those who don't need a bus or train to get places.
The weather is pretty good here.
There are some restaurants and bars, but not compared to most towns.
Not very many places to get a job.
I wish there was more stores and things to do.
depends on what part of town you are in
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some are really nice, but have wakky hours
its mostly just fast food restaurants the majority of the town commutes to work
there are no stores/shops worth going to. very run down
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