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Great town, growing very rapidly with many new people and places coming. Everyone is very nice, almost has a small town vibe but definitely not small at all.
Waukee is nice friendly town with great schools. Conveniently located less than 15min from Des Moines, 10min from West Des Moines- great places to go explore, volunteer & have fun!
many very good opportunities and things to do within. They have a very well opportunity to grow and gather new things to bring others to our city
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I go to school in Waukee and it is such a family friendly community and has a great public school system. I would come back and live here after college and raise my family here. It is up and coming with new business and new companies coming into town.
Waukee is a great town with lots of perks. It is growing very quickly. It's difficult to keep up with all the new construction going on. However the diversity here is pretty poor. 98% of the town is white. It would also be nice for some better night time attractions to be available here. However the odds of that happening are slim because most establishments close at 10pm at the latest due to everyones 8:00pm bed time. The police are also fairly aggressive since they typically are not very busy and seeking some sort of thrill from their job.
Waukee is an incredible place to live. Wherever you go, you're bound to run into someone you know. It is a bit bigger than some suburbs, but it has that nice small town feeling where everyone knows everyone.
Great town! The roads are well paved, the people are pretty friendly, kids can get a good education here. However, I do wish there were more things to do. It's basically a town of just houses. There are very few restaurants or various recreational institutions. More businesses would be nice.
I have lived in Waukee my whole life, and through my experience I have learned that it is an absolutely wonderful community. There is nothing I would change; it is a fun, and family friendly environment. It is more of a family than a community. I feel very safe no matter what because everyone looks out for eachother.
Waukee is absolutely beautiful! The people are so kind, and the town is so well kept. Most towns have a portion considered the slums; there is not an area of Waukee that isn't gorgeous.
Waukee is a wonderful place to live. The school system is great, and is a safe place to raise a family.
I absolutely love this town. It is one of the fastest growing communities within the second fastest growing county in the country. The town still feels small while only minutes away from downtown Des Moines.
What I like about the city of Waukee is that everyone is connected in someway. Also, Waukee has been recently named as the number one school in Iowa. Waukee is very safe and has a lot of resources available. Sports and performing arts in Waukee are also very successful, as we have gone to state several times, and have won many awards. Academic wise, our grades, scores, and overall outcome is greater than the state's. Overall, the city of Waukee contains talent in sports, performing arts, and academics, the area is very safe, and this community is extremely family friendly.
The city I'm from has the lowest crime rating in the state of Iowa.
It has a great neighborhood feel. It's close to the Elementary School, middle school, and high school. The area is super family friendly and new families are moving in all the time. Sports are huge and are in the top class of the state. It is growing rapidly in population and business.
Crime is not an issue in this area. Besides two events that have happened in the past few months I cannot remember anything big happening around my town. Crimes are few and far between in my area. It is very safe. I have no concerns.
I would definitely move here again even though it was not my choice in the first place because I was only four. So obviously my parents made the decision to come here from where we lived prior to here. I think this area is awesome. I would think that it compares just fine to any suburb of the capital city across the country. I see this area in 10-15 years, maybe even sooner, flourishing. There was just recently an interchange put in that connected my town to the interstate so obviously the city and the state are anticipating a rise in population on top of what already seems to be occurring.
It is a pretty safe area with low crime
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I would choose to live again in this community
There is not any crime in the area I am living in.
It's a good area. There aren't many houses around this area, but it is increasing in size.
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