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Wauconda Township Reviews

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The small community was very heartwarming and friendly. The town itself has good character with many mom and pop shops as well as the people. Never had a time where I felt unsafe to live in Wauconda.
What i love about Wauconda its a very quiet area there many activities to do and the people are very nice too.
Living here all my life then moving south really made me realize a lot of people here are very immature and rude to one another. Instead of being nice, everyone was horrible to one another.
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Wauconda was a great place to grow up because it was easy to make friends and every one/ everything was very close together and convenient. The lake is my favorite part because I like to boat and swim.
It is small and quaint. A good place to call home.
The government needs to start bringing in industry to offset the taxes paid by residents. Homes are going into foreclosure. Schools rely mosty on residents for tax income and administration of schools does not spend money wisely. Jobs are very limited and pay for those jobs is hardly something a family can support themselves on. There are limited programs and jobs for teens. They have to go outside of the community to get hired.
There is a forest preserve but not alot of activities to do
As all of the small businesses are growing in my town, more and more sidewalks and road crossings for pedestrians are being created to use. The traffic is never a issue because it is still a pretty small town, and the speed limits are pretty slow in the town, so it is very safe.
Our local businesses are thriving and the small businesses in our town are continually growing. You can't quite get everything you need from this town, but it is pretty close.
Most people are excepting of others, but some are not and I think this is the largest issue my town faces.
it changes constantly, don't like snow though
too many bars, alot of fast food, private restaurants are expensive
There are some instances, mostly petty items and personal property damage
There are a variety of housing options, not vacant
There are either fast food restaurants, some factory businesses and few other businesses. To find a job that a person can live off of, they need to travel outside of the area.
There are very few businesses to purchase a variety of items. Most are antique or specialty businesses. We have 1 grocery store. There is nowhere to purchase socks, underwear, or other daily needs items. The local government does not do anything to make the town attractive for businesses. Several companies have tried to come in but the government powers have deterred them. Thus businesses that would normally contribute to local taxes - they do not exist. It all falls on the homeowners.
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