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I love living in Watford City. The people are incredibly friendly. There are big city amenities with a small town feel, great places to eat and shop, and if you are an animal lover, the dog park is second to none!!
Very nice little town. It is in the heart of thr Bakken oilfield right now and it is growing all the time. I have been here for a year now and i am enjoying it still. Plenty of new businesses are opening which is very refreshing to see. They even have University of Mary which is a great resource for continuing your education.
I lived in Watford for over 5 years. It is small town living with overall friendly enough people and enough jobs in the area to keep you busy.
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Generally, the local people have been friendly and inclusive when it comes to work. The cost of living is super high for the location and number of people that live in the area. Only one ISP in the city and charge rates that are highway robbery.
Watford City is a small oil field town in western North Dakota. It is full of genuine people that have lived there their entire life, and people that are relatively new and are up in the town just to find work and a good inflow of money to support their families. It is very quaint and always full of town events, including the county fair, Ribfest, and Homefest. There isn't many entertainment options and the town does have its flaws but there will always be people there willing to be your friend and lend you a cup of sugar.
The cost of living has really gone up since the oil boom; however, this will change as we continue to build and create more homes.
I have always loved this part of my hometown. No matter what is going on you can bet on your community to support you. Even if the community is growing and it is not all familiar faces, people are always willing to donate there time and make this a better place to live for everything.
Crime rates have been rapidly increasing. Every week you hear about new sex offenders moving in and it always makes me a bit uneasy. However I find that our town has stepped up to the challenge and has hired many new policeman and have been keeping it under control as I feel very safe in my hometown.
Watford City is in the middle of the oil boom, so right now there is a great increase in population as well as businesses and everything else. The future for this area is only for the better. More and more people will move in and things will begin to grow. My once so little hometown will be more fitting for greater populations and I will always be proud to have grown up here.
I grew up here before the oil boom happened so I am a little biased and bitter about the way the town is now. There are pros and cons to the growth in Watford, but sometimes I feel like this little town cannot keep up with the boom and other times I feel like they are over doing it because all of this might pick up and leave one day soon. The new people to town range from very ungrateful to happy to be in a good community. The churches are thriving here and slowly new businesses are coming to town to meet the demand. The cost of living is pretty high and hard to find but the functionality of Watford and the surrounding areas is improving slowly but surely (roads, stop lights, bypasses, etc).
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