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I love community and neighborhood. Everyone I ha e met are friendly and inviting. I move here two years ago and have been pleased. However I'd like move with the city but there are limited high end affordable housing options.
Watervliet is a very small city. It has a good location of being 10 minutes away from Albany and also being situated between Troy and many great suburbs. It is mostly residential, but unfortunately these homes aren't that pretty to look at.
I have lived in Watervliet my whole life and I have never really felt threatened living here. I walk my dog late and night without any worries. I know that I can contact the police at any time and I feel confident they will keep me and my community safe.
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I love living in an urban area. Not only is Watervliet small enough where you can walk almost everywhere, we have almost everything I need within a 5 block radius. The Watervliet police department does every thing they can to keep their city and its residents safe. Every one knows every one and neighbors care about each other. While I do plan on moving in the near future, I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else.
There are a lot of apartments in my city, which are great if that's all you're looking for. The main streets that are houses are by the high school, the rail road tracks, and by one of the parks. There's little to no abandoned properties, but the worst place to live would be on 19th street. The only parking is on the road and that's our busiest road.
People in my area are very close because it's a small city. Everyone in the city knows everyone else's business and a lot of people are related. We're very pet friendly, nobody avoids anybody's pet when they walk down the street. The only reason this doesn't get a "it's the best" rating is due to small crimes that happen every once in a while, but the criminals are caught pretty fast.
Most of the crime in my town is from the police.
Even though I personally love my town, I wouldn't move here.
A few vacant properties. Many home owners/tenants do have take care of the appearance of their property. Cost of living is low.

Best area to reside is Port Schylur (3rd-8th street, 3rd-8th ave) or on the boarder of colonie and watervliet
Wish there were more outdoor fitness options. Never seen many people outside exercising.

Health care is great, but sometimes slow. The Capital District has some of the best doctors in the state.
Many parks for all age groups. Many of the outdoor activities (water, woods, etc) you would have to drive too. But New York State provides beautiful parks and rivers/lakes across the entire state. Just don't go swimming in the Hudson
The crime in the area has shown a significant increase through out the years. Many robberies, stabbings, drug deals, etc throughout the entire area. The police need to show more interest in stopping those types of crimes than the small violations.
The change of seasons are lovely. But winter is the worst time of year for this area. The plows are awful so driving conditions are dangerous. Spring, Summer, and Fall is gorgeous and little to no problems.
There used to be a lot more bars in the area than there is now. But for the ones that are still open, they are family owned and get a lot of attraction. To have a good time, go to Albany!
I dont have a great view on the job field since I am still in college. But many of the part time jobs are great and just about any college student can find a decent part-time job.
There are many mom-and-pop restaurants which are extremely delicious. It is a small town so those are the best places to eat. Otherwise, I prefer to drive to Latham, Troy, or Albany to get my food.
whether it's asking for direction or just a quick greeting the people in Henniker are really friendly if you show them the same courtesy.
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I like living on campus because it can be very quiet and peacful if thats what you are into, but if you feel like doing the opposite you don't have to look far.
There certainly is no five star restaurant in this small town, but you will likely find one place that you will become a regular.
I've never doubted the efficiency of these services due to their own limitations. When I rarley call upon these services I am never let down.
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