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I love Watertown because it is true small town living. Everyone knows eachother and are always willing to help one another in a time of need. I love my little town and wouldn't change a single thing about it!
It's a small, quaint little town with just about everything you need! There's a variety of restaurants to choose from, a few places to shop for clothes, and with the addition of a dog park it will be complete!
Watertown, Connecticut is a great place to live. I have lived here my whole lie and I feel that we have many things to do here. It is not a big, bustling town but it has lots to offer.
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Very nice, small town with not too much do in town. However the neighboring town have a lot of cool things.
Great place to raise a family. Good school system with great teachers! Close knit community. Great restaurants and small businesses.
I've lived in Watertown for the past 8 years. It has a nice little small town vibe. Only downside is there is not much to do.
Watertown is a great town! Only complaint is the neighboring city is becoming very bad. Crime has leaked into my town and will more than likely continue. Taxes are high here and sadly there is nothing really to do in this town but it can always be much worse.
Watertown is very small and offers limited social opportunities. However, it is relatively safe and has a lot of character. The downtown area can be reached in at most 7 minutes from any area in the town. There are limited, but sufficient shopping opportunities such as Stop & Shop, and both fine dining and fast food chains are also easily accessable.
Watertown is a great family place as far as safety, accessibility, etc. As for diversity and political interests it tends to be more conservative, unfortunately.
I have lived my whole life in Watertown. The town is generally clean and safe. The main street is nice with lots of restaurants and boutiques. It is located about halfway between New York City and Boston, meaning it is somewhat easily accessible to both.
Watertown is the perfect spot for a family. The residential areas are away from busy roads. However, there are plenty of things to do in town such as go to the park, the library, or paint clay pottery. If you want a larger selection of activities it is right next to the city of Waterbury. There there is a mall, a roller skating rink and many other activities for people to do.
Watertown is a small, friendly community in Connecticut with a top-notch public school system. This town has both a rural setting with different local farms and has a city feel with the downtown area and the town of Waterbury next door.
The town is small, so I know most of my neighbors and I know popular spots to hang out or buy necessities. I've never felt in danger living here, since the police force is heavily involved in the matters that occur there. The only thing I don't like is that because it's so small, I often leave the town to attend school or participate in activities that are not offered anywhere in my town. Other than that, it is a beautiful and cozy place to live.
Growing up in Watertown was very pleasant and quiet. Just need more places for the youth to visit. We have a movie theater, but that's basically it. Its nice that we have a lot of parks to go to, so we can always play basketball or some type of sport, but maybe it'll be fun to have an indoor facility for the winter!
not a lot of crime
very safe. police always out patrolling especially at night
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your average small town. not much to do, and you see the same people everywhere. gets tiring
The cost of living and the taxes are too high
Police are active and visible
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