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Nice place to live as the city has everything you could ever need. Very diverse in people and experiences, only bad thing is that some parts of the city could use a pick-me-up due to falling in disrepair.
Watertown has overall good access to what you need in terms of goods and services. Cost of living is a bit expensive, however.
I live and work in Fort Drum NY just outside of Watertown. I enjoy this town as it is not far from some very big and important historical sites.
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A small town in the middle of upstate New York, It is great for those who want to live in a historic area with some pretty cool attractions with included 2 different drive-in theaters, about an hour drive to Syracuse and the Thousand Islands. The schools try their best to give the best education they can but the area has a lot of low income homes so people can view the area as worst than it is.
There is not much to do in the winter months. The summer is gorgeous. Mostly chain restaurants and stores in this area.
Watertown is a fairly small city in upstate New York. It is known for it's extremely cold winters and outdoor activities. There are four distinctive seasons, however. With summer being very warm during the day and cooling off at night.
I have lived here, on and off, for over 30 years. The best thing about this town is the close knit people who live and work here and the phenomenal school systems. One drawback of Watertown is the housing market being low and because of a major military base being close by, the rent and price of properties is especially high.
just like most of northern ny people who can leave do. a pretty depressed area. some people seem to live pretty well but it seems the majority seem to be trying to survive. brutal cold winters, wet and cold springs. summers are maybe 3 months and you need to use much of that time to get ready for winter. because of the military base rents are ridiculously high, and taxes are brutal. the roads and streets are really bad and for about 8 months a year they dump gigantic amounts of salt on the roads so if your from the south or west your car will begin to rust after your first winter. maybe because of the military base, but I have never seen so many police on the roads. I think many of the towns in the area count on ticket money to survive. I guess just look it up, high unemployment, high rents, few sunny days. not the worst place in the us but unless you are forced to come hear there are far better places in America to settle and enjoy life.
Don’t even think about it! This dump is run by criminals and predators. It’s too rare to see any concept of human rights, laws, or justice, much less human decency and morals, from these twisted cretins. If subpar, overpriced housing with druggie neighbors and landlords who don’t give a f—- after they get your $, having to screen your kids friend’s parents with multiple background and home checks, roads that will destroy your car with all the potholes, and not a damn thing to do except get drunk or high is your idea of a quality neighborhood, Watertown is for you! Oh yeah and don’t ever get sick - I’d rather have a major medical emergency in Manila than at that death trap Samaritan
Unfortunately, Watertown is a very small place with often harsh views on the world. While personally not objected to locals, in this area, the locals can often be harsh to newcomers and do not take kindly to outsiders, especially those that are military affiliated. There is also a terrible drug problem, particularly in regards to meth and heroine. It would simply be nice to see the community rally together and more money raised to improve the conditions of the town.
Watertown seems like an economically depressed town. There isn’t much going on in this town, so I guess you can say it’s peaceful. There is nothing great about Watertown. but for someone who is temporarily living here i don’t hate it.
I've lived in Watertown for about 3 years now and when I first got here I had high expectations and thought it was a pretty good sized area. It's not all what I thought it to be. I did end up living in a beautiful apartment complex called beaver meadows and It was very nice. However there are several reasons why I gave this place 2 out of 5 stars. The weather Is the number one reason why one star is lost. The weather in the winter is awful. It really does suck here in the winter. Watertown is positioned to the east of a lake and this causes really bad lake effect snow. The summer looks beautiful but it's only 3 months long. The hospital in Watertown also is awful. People are very slow to work. They are not only slow in the hospital but almost anywhere else you go the people will work very slow. If you like snow a lot, negative weather, and doing the same activities in the same location all the time then you might like living here.
There are outdoor activities to do with the family all year, like hiking, snowmobiling, river rafting, fishing, hunting, and various festivals that take place within easy driving distance throughout the year.

As far as general entertainment goes, however, there are few options available at any time of year. There are chain restaurants, but few good authentic places to eat. There are not a lot of indoor activity places to go with the family, except for the local movie theater. In fact, if you want to do something that does not involve being in the outdoors, then you have to drive over 70 miles to Syracuse.

It is a quiet, peaceful city with various outdoor activities that you can do, but few other entertainment options. And the harsh winter weather, including lake effect snow, can make it impossible to enjoy outside activities during the winter.
Watertown is a pretty cold military town. You will like it if you have good places to visit like lake placid which is gorgeous, stewards gas station also make some excellentry ice cream. Other than that the city is not the best place to live although rent is relatively cheap.
Average town, mostly supported by the military base. Most rental properties are way over priced, as locals take advantage of Soldiers wanting to live off-post.
I love my hometown. We proudly are the hometown for the 10th Mountain Division of the military. Our area is growing and the local community college is now a four year school.
Watertown is a pleasant city with many activities and places to visit. There are a a lot of outdoor activities to partake in. There are also many historical landmarks and spots to visit. This city is ever-growing with new tourist attractions and restaurants.
Watertown is a beautiful place to raise a family. this town is friendly and quiet, it has the most beautiful summers but if you a winter kind of person this is the place for you. lots of snow . is close to Canada and the thousand islands. plus is very military friendly which I love the most.
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I live near Watertown. The only thing I go to Watertown for are appointments and occasional shopping. I am not a huge fan of the area.
I do not like the town of Watertown at all! There is nothing to do for young kids to keep them out of trouble, besides walk around the mall. Watertown has recently begun construction on Factory Street, Which was only supposed to take a year, but we are going on 3 years. I am trying to understand where the town got all of the money to do a 3 year construction, when we can not afford to fill in pot holes. Also The dog park should not be placed on Factory Street, as it is located right next to the Black River, which is well known for taking people under due to the draft, and seeing as how Factory is among one of the busiest streets in Watertown. If you want to approve the city we need to have more activities for younger kids to keep them off the street and away from drugs!
There is not much to do if you're from a huge city such as Austin, Tx. There are a few mom and pop shops, thrift stores, a mall, department stores, etc.
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