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I am here temporarily here until I move back home in the next year . It’s a shame , even before COVID the town was already closing . Stores, vacant occupancies, restaurants, all leaving and closing.I would recommend you stay away from living here . The only gym in town is filthy . Hannafords is also extremely dirty. I’ve never lived in a town like this. Feels like the governor and mayor destroyed New York . High taxes and for what you get , it’s nothing . To go to a decent supermarket , one must drive to Wegmans . So it’s almost a three hour round trip to get back and forth . What a shame ! Even the barracks In Sackets , needs a desperate facelift . History just left because no money has been put into making it beautiful again . I guess the locals just accept it ! Is it just because it’s north country ?!? People have homes from the 1900’s.Landscaping , lack of paint on homes . No one cares ! Stay far ,far away !!
There's some misconceptions with this town. First of all, the locals are very nice. The military community has people of all types so you get some rude people, but there are great things about the military community, as well.

Many black and Mexican people say the area is very racist. Im native and much darker than the locals and never felt like I was being judged. I think minorities feel threatened by the shear amount of white people, but they are super respectful. Once again, I was there 3 years and never saw any racism from the white locals. The real CONS here are high drug traffic and very long winters. The summers are incredible. The food is good and getting even better.
It's a small, quiet town in rural New York. There are not too many people and there is a lot to do outside.
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Pro military down with a country feel. Watertown offers the essential businesses necessary but has little diversity.
Run down, depressing small town with a handful of good people. Majority of residents are racist, small minded and overall miserable people for the most part. Military families bring a more diverse and open minded dynamic but are resented by many locals who don’t grasp the fact that if it weren’t for Fort Drum, Watertown would be a complete ghost town. The weather is bad enough, but the people are even more exhausting to deal with.
Great little town to raise a family right near lake Ontario offer great outdoors activity and fishing although it does lack some employment opportunity up here. Wich leads alot of young people to leave the area when there done with school wich is understandable
It is a good size. A small city with plenty of shopping and entertainment options year round. The biggest attraction would have to be the Salmon Run Mall and surrounding area, one of the largest shopping centers in the state north of Syracuse. Dry Hill Ski Resort is an excellent winter getaway for beginner ski and snowboarders.
Watertown isn’t a huge city but it’s nice. There’s not a lot to do in the winter, but it’s popular in the summer. In the winter, you can go skiing, bowling, to the movies, or shopping, etc., with even more to do in the summer.
Very safe place, beautiful park, lots of nice people and alot of jobs.
IV been here years, and other than the weather its a great place to raise a family.
Beautiful city, but beautiful people do the ugliest things. Watertown has a great public square, yes, but lacks good school or opportunity. I don’t understand why people keep saying the crime rate is low, it’s not. I don’t know where you grew up in Watertown but my street was full of drug addicts and dealers. Gangs are probably not that high, but violence sure is. Fights happen all the time, but again drugs are by far the biggest problem. Rape is also very common in Watertown.
Watertown is an overall alright place to live. Not terrible but not great. Unsafe in some places but generally safe to walk around most places. Some drug and crime issues.
I like the "small town" togetherness we have. We still look out for our neighbors, and in my line of work I see Human service agencies networking together for mutual clients, and working together on community projects. I also like the geographical region it's in. Between the thousand Island and the Adirondack mountains, It's a beautiful place.
What I'd like to see change is the opportunity for solid employment opportunities. The only real "growth" Watertown area has seen is chain restrains and retail. We have lost so may of our manufacturing and mill jobs, there isn't a lot of opportunities for long-term solid employment.
Small town life means that sometimes people haven't gotten out and traveled, which means their minds are not as open as they could be. People are quick to give you the finger if you honk at them and they idle at a green light. But on the other side, small town also means that everyone knows each other, which means that sense of community can be a nice thing to have.
THE WORST!!! Brutal winters, town itself is depressing AF. Glad I am getting out alive and with some semblance of sanity still intact. Do yourself a favor and don’t come here!
Ranked one of the worst paces to live in New York State. There are some really nice people, the schools could be worst they have gotten better less fights and less drugs. A lot if poor people but they get by. There are a variety if stores to shop at and is located in a sweet spot where its not difficult to drive down to Syracuse or head up to Canada or the thousand islands region.
I am a native of Watertown, and now live in Minnesota. I now visit Watertown to see family. Parts of the city are beautiful (Thompson Park is stunning!). Watertown also gives you quick access to Lake Ontario, the Thousand Islands region, Southeastern Ontario, Canada, and the Adirondack Mountains. There's lots of shopping

Winters are brutal: long, cold, and very snowy. Snow falls in feet, almost every day; below zero cold snaps are common and sustained. You will need to prepare for winter mentally, as you'll be stuck at home a lot. Drinking and drug use are a problem there (as they are everywhere), but overall it's a safe place. There's not a lot to do in town...
Not a bad little place. Very beautiful in both fall and winter. Very busy in the summer. I’d like to see them add a Chick-fil-A nearby. I believe the economy should find a way to increase as well. I feel that more youth activities would be highly appreciated by our younger residents.
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There is absolutely nothing to do here except get high and go to the mall. This place is expensive and I honestly don’t know why anyone would willingly stay here. The only reason why I am here is because my father retired here. I hate this place.
It's a city with a small town feel. There is little to do for young families. Drugs are a real problem right in the city, although the police are doing their best to keep the streets safe.
Being born and raised in Watertown, you never know what an utter misery the place is until you leave. Drugs are everywhere. Police and government corruption is high. They truly run on their own agenda without regard to the actual laws. Everyone is poor and has no defense against the monsters running the place. The weather is the most depressing thing about it. I grew up as a young adult literally with the thing to do being get drunk and get into fights. There is no hope of a good living, educated or not. The military people come in and make it worse. Nothing more annoying than a drunk GI tough guy who gropes women and wants to get beat up. For some reason there's a high amount of child molesters and rapists. The city is loaded with fake gangsters and tough guy wannabes when really they a bunch of hopeless losers from a town no one has ever heard of. If you live there, save your money and leave. if you don't, I would run far away.
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