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I like that it is a smaller town but still has things to do. I do wish there was more to do though as we really only have a movie theatre, bowling alley, pool, and Thunder Road. I have always felt safe in Watertown. We have a very new middle school and a really nice wellness center that is also new.
The community is overall very welcoming and friendly. The downtown is a work in progress, but improving each year.
I don't really like Watertown, but I grew up here.
It's decent for South Dakota, I guess.
There are things to do, but not a lot. Mostly safe, but there are incidents. It's a Meth town.
There are quite a few excellent private schools.
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I would like to see more family friendly options available in Watertown. For the size of the town, there aren’t many options for things to do.
I love that Watertown has a small town feel, but also has a variety of stores and restaurants similar to a big city. Everyone is very friendly in Watertown and there are many opportunities for community members to work together and make new friends. The two lakes that are near Watertown make for good Summer activities and winter activities to keep families entertained.
Watertown is a relatively small town. It is a very safe place to live and has a very friendly community. There's always something to do in Watertown; including our new movie theater. Watertown is also close enough to everything you need. We have many groceries stores, places to shop, and a hospital.
Watertown is located in rural South Dakota. It’s not a big town but has plenty of job and housing opportunities.
I really enjoying living near and working in Watertown. Watertown has the stores I need, but it doesn't have all the people and traffic like a big city. There are not very many options for clothing stores. The restaurant scene is a bit on the boring side as well.
I enjoy the schools and how much spirit they contain. Watertown is a very good town. However I see some improvements could be made to the town as far as road work goes. Shopping is dwindling as well. Never less, Watertown has a very good community of people.
I have grown up in Watertown my whole life. The schools are nice and the population of 20,000 is a reasonable number! Not too small. A lot of the businesses that come to Watertown end up closing down.
Watertown is a great community that have enjoyed growing up in. Here I have had many opportunities to get involved in the community, and meet new people. One thing that makes this town special is the people in it. Everyone is very friendly, and willing to go out of their way to help others. One of my favorite things to do in Watertown in the summer is to spend time at the lakes. Here I love to go boating, tubing, and spend time with friends and family. One thing I think Watertown could do to help make it better in bring more businesses in such as new restaurants, retail stores, or recreational activity centers. I am so thankful I have had a great community like Watertown to grow up in!
I love Watertown but there's not always a lot to do, especially in the winter. In the summer, there is Thursday Night Live down town with live music, food, and drinks. Its nice because it's for all ages and you get to see and visit with a lot of people there.
I love Watertown, SD! It is a very nice community with a very safe reputation. It could work on plowing the roads in winter though, sometimes it is very hard to get out of my own street, but otherwise I really have enjoyed my time here!
Watertown isn't a bad town. There's not much to do, but overall it's a really calm town. It's perfect for new or expecting families. It's also good for older residents, but for teenagers or people in their 20's, there isn't much to do.
Great for raising kids, safe neighborhoods, many job opportunities for every field. Watertown is a growing community in South Dakota and the opportunities are endless.
I've lived in Watertown my entire and I never plan on leaving. You can always feel safe and the public schools are amazing.
Not much for a family to do. The area is not advancing. Unless you have money to pay for things it gets boaring quickly. The city does not keep things up very well for the parks.
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I like that everyone here is willing to help one another without asking questions. They're plenty of kind people in this city. What could change is hopefully they will add more a tivites here for kids to do.
Watertown is the perfect size to raise a family. with only 20,000 people, there is alot of family friendly activities. We have Brambel park zoo, there is a very nice public pool and we also have a Thunder Road amusement park. If you like the outdoors there are multiple activities such as a great trail system around the lake and in town. Fishing in these parts is amazing. The people here are very friendly and helpful. The school system for children is very organized.
Watertown has a lot to offer for the mid-sized city in South Dakota. Watertown has a zoo, public water park, brand new recreational center, and great parks to visit by the lake. You will definitely be able to find something to do for everyone here.
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