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Waterloo is the perfect example of a small town that isn't just farms and corn fields. There are plenty of things to do in town and you are close enough to other small towns to take a 10 minute drive and experience what they have to offer as well. There is a variety of schools in the area that are amazing and it is safe enough to send your kids out to walk the town. There is almost no crime, but there could be a few more police patrolling the roads. Since there are a lot of small back roads, speeding is an issue.
Great little town in the mid west that is a very cozy little town with many amenities, such as multiple coffee houses, and the most micro-breweries per capita in the U.S. Located in the suburbs of St. Louis it is an optimal place to live as well as experience life, and the best things that it has to offer.
I love Waterloo. It's my hometown, and I enjoy the small town atmosphere and the small community arts programs offered here.
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Waterloo is a nice small city in rural southern Illinois. It is a very safe city. Waterloo has been a great place to grow up as we are close to St. Louis. I highly recommend Waterloo to anyone looking to move.
Waterloo is the best place I've ever lived, and that's saying something as I grew up in a military family that moved constantly. There is no crime; the last big crime "spree" was kids stealing car radios in 2010. The community is solid and friendly. There are 2 microbreweries in town, and they are the places to hang out. They have festivals throughout the year, and host the county fair every year in the summer. There is very little I would change about this town!
Waterloo is a small town residents are friendly. The crime rate is very low, it is a very playful community extremely involved in kids activities. A wonderful place to raise a family.
Waterloo is a big city within a small town. It is the Monroe county seat. This is where the courthouse is, the Waterloo police department and the Monroe county sheriff's department. They have everything needed for every day life. A post office, city hall, telephone company, many banks, restaurants, churches and doctors offices. This is a cozy, beautiful and close community. Recently voted safest town in Illinois.
Waterloo is a nice and quiet town just outside of St. Louis, MO. It is often referred to as a bedroom community because a number of the residents here work outside of Waterloo. The city is also a peaceful one with a number of historical buildings.
I grew up in Waterloo, the town is safe with good schools. There is also a lot of growth in Waterloo. I feel like there are always new businesses opening and new people moving in, making Waterloo more diverse.
A great, small-town atmosphere. Friendly and helpful residents. Has several new microbreweries in addition to many long-standing "Mom and Pop" restaurants. An easy drive to downtown St. Louis or the peacefulness and solitude of rural Illinois.
I love how small and cosy Waterloo is while still being just half an hour away from the city. It's a perfect mix of small town and city life!
Waterloo is a great town. I would recommend it to anyone. There isn't much for kids to do, but otherwise it nice.
Crime is low in Waterloo, and many times the police are simply called out for small cases of domestic disturbance or accidents that can happen on the back roads. Crime is hardly ever seen, so when something happens it shocks the population. Police are everywhere around the town, and many people live within five blocks of a policeman. I myself live around two of them, so I feel very safe in knowing that if something were to ever happen, I would have an astounding chance of being safe very quickly.
Waterloo Illinois is a small town, basically a farming community. It is generally quiet, low on crime and violence, and has a wonderful school district that I and my sister both attended for all of our schooling. It is small enough that people are easily safe to walk streets even at night, but near enough to the city of Saint Louis that a day on the town is not out of the question. The county fair happens in Waterloo each year, drawing visitors and revenue from other places due to the celebration. Waterloo, to me, is home, and I would always choose to live here over somewhere else. It's a safe, happy, and clean place to live. Anyone would be lucky to be here.
Waterloo is very outdoorsman-friendly. There is a lot of hunting.
I feel safe being alone in town and don't feel threatened.
The police and fire department are very active in the community.
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Winter can be extremely cold and summer can be extremely hot.
There are a lot of mediocre jobs but not many careers.
There are quite a few bars around town but no other nightlife options.
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