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It’s a cute and homey looking town. Not exactly friendly to the diverse. Very safe town though, at any time night or day.
Waterford overall is a nice, welcoming community. As you walk down the street, regardless of whether you know the person, people will wave and say hi. There are plenty of activities going on at the local library. However, the two lacks parks and other conferences for the people. For a town with such high taxes, the town does not give back to the community. The local highschool raised funds for a park for the kids, something that the government should be doing. The roads are also rugged and needing repairs. There are pot holes everywhere that are either simply neglected for years or half heartedly repaired only to cave in again in a few months.
Waterford is a quiet, family friendly town. The residential areas are clean and well maintained, and it has a close proximity to the Fox River. However, there is limited access to shopping (there is only one grocery store, and other stores are at least ten minutes away). The town has also shown limited interest in investing in education, voting down improvements to the high school in a recent referendum. The middle school is over crowded, with no signs to expand.
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Great atmosphere and plenty of lake access. The neighborhoods are very safe. The taxes are reasonable for what you get.
Waterford is a very quiet conservative white town, more rural than anything. The schools are excellent, the neighborhoods safe, the environment healthy for children and families. Crime is minimal to none. The public library is large and full of resources, and the waterfront access throughout town makes Waterford attractive to many. The main street centered community is quaint and does attract some tourists, especially during annual events like Balloonfest. The seasons all come very beautifully upon the town and celebrations are friendly and open to the public.
Waterford is a wonderful small town where everyone knows each other. It is a wonderful place for families but offers little to do for fun without driving at least a half hour away.
I've lived in Waterford since I was 6 years old. It is a small community which has grown over the years, but you can still feel safe here. I would recommend anyone to move out this way.
Waterford is a friendly small neighborhood! Residents are very welcoming and the sights are beautiful.
Small town with very little to do, a lot of things are far away. People are mostly nice but it is not very diverse.
This small community is one that looks out for everyone. When something difficult or tragic happens to someone in this community it is treated as if it is one of their own.
Rural area close to urban areas. 30 minutes to Milwaukee, 2 hours to Chicago, 1.5 hours to Madison. Good youth sports opportunities for baseball, softball, volleyball, tackle football, flag football, basketball.
One of the safest towns I have ever been in. It's always a good thing when you know you can walk the streets of main street at night and feel completely safe. Not much to do though, but they do have everything you may need!
This is one of the quietest and safet place to live.
It is a tiny little town but full of life.
Frustrating that everywhere in town is closed mondays.
I would not choose to live here again. I like small towns, but there isn't much to do in this town.
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