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I like how close it is to the water and the relatively good school system, however the diversity is very low and the bullying that occurs at the high school is terrible.
The town is very nice but lacks diversity. It's very safe and family friendly. However, it has zero nightlife which is disappointing for some.
The beauty of the town growing up as a child. Being in a military family for 18yrs and seeing the world I’ve appreciated home more. That’s why I’ve come back home. No place like home.
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Great small town. Good schools, nice location along 95, close to everything. Although many companies have left the area and this has resulted in many people leaving the area, many people are still able to make a living.
I've lived in Waterford for eight years now and I have to say it is beautiful and quiet. The stores are all within close proximity with one another. It's a great place to settle down and raise a family.
Waterford is a beautiful beach town with a great education system. The town people are very close and come together in times of need. I would recommend living here to all people ranging from those with children to the elderly looking to settle down.
Waterford is a wonderful town in which to raise a family. It has a great school system, great public works and public assets, and a decent municipal government. There is a large amount of pot in the area, which is a downside, but the people smoking the pot mostly keep to themselves so it doesn't make much difference. The only real problems I have with the town is it's lack of diversity and it's high cost of living.
Waterford is by far one of the best towns to live in in Waterford. It is expensive to live here but well worth it. You have many beaches and are right on the water. The schools are incredible. Police are top of the line and so many great places to go to and eat at. Has a mall called "Crystal Mall".
Waterford is my home town. I believe it is one of the nicest towns in Connecticut. It is quaint, quiet, and safe. A very family inviting town with great public schools and job opportunities. Waterford is close to the casinos, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods and there is a lot of entertainment at both. It is a pricey town, real estate is high but the town is beautiful and great to raise a family.
I personally love living in Waterford because of the great diversity we have. Not only do we have many wooded areas and parks, we also have Waterford Beach with access to the Long Island Sound. Living in Waterford comes with a feeling of great safety. Overall, Waterford is a great town to raise a family in but I would like to see the mall improve.
I have lived in Waterford all my life and I would recommend it for anyone who loves nice beaches and small towns.
I liked the different things there are to do but there could be a lot more diversity.
There are wonderful beaches and parks. There are a lot of things to do for families. I think that part of the reason that I did not have an excellent time here was because when I was in high school although there was a good curriculum and good classes, because I was quiet and shy I feel like I was pretty invisible to all of the teachers. I wish that they had reached out more to me.
The overall town is very welcoming. There is just enough to do in town to make one have options to do but not be a busy town. There is a popular cinemas and mall within town. Also, Waterford is conveniently located near popular towns like Mystic and Niantic. In addition, it is only a short drive away from Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resorts.
Waterford is a very nice area it's clean. Nice landscape. The people are nice and plesent. A very quite area.
Waterford is such a diverse town. We have such a diverse social dynamic. The rich live along the coast in their million dollar houses, the rural living on the other side of town; while the poor live right in the center.
Pleasant town. Lots of activities to do from Waterford beach to Eugene Oneil theater. Short drive to New London and major cities within two hours drive such as New Port, Boston, and New York City.
Excellent schools in a town with an excellent and close sense of community. Police department is excellent! Community is very close! Elementary schools are superb!
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Quiet coastal town, halfway between Boston and New York. Beautiful beaches and woodlands. Close to casinos and other entertainment and sporting venues.
Clean and enjoyable place to grow up in. My family has lived in Connecticut for over 40 years. We have a nice plot of land that we use to its full potential. We have pets and small farm animals. Life certainly couldn't get any better here in the country.
small town, great school system, town beaches, shopping, state parks; dog park; no public transportation
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