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Born in raised in Waterford township. I have enjoyed my childhood here. I would like to see a downtown area built up.
I like that we are able to be a community. Their is even a(n) Facebook page just for Waterford residents.
Lived here majority of my life and went to school here. Pros- your not in the slums, good /competitive high school sports, lots of inland lakes, middle class living. Cons- Dog breed bans, not a lot of good restaurants, close to Pontiac, yards are typically small.
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I lived in Detroit before moving to Waterford and lived here for fifteen years. What I like best is that the places, schools, library, police and fire department and the town hall are all close by each other so driving from place to place doesn't take very long. There is a small pond with a sidewalk to walk or jog around. When strangers in Waterford pass each other there is always a pleasant hello being exchanged. Students after school safely walk home knowing that the Police and Fire department are close by.
Towns people are nice, lot of places to dine but not a lot of places to hang out. A lot of small businesses and family owned places that are an amazing experience.
It has been a good place to live. There are many beautiful lakes, walking trails, parks, and it is local to all shopping and conveniences. The overall crime rate could improve. The public schools are lacking, but seem to be gaining more support. The housing market is affordable compared to the surrounding cities and townships.
Great place to grow up. It’s the typical small town. They have great opportunities to get involved with the community. Everything is very close together. Lots of local events happening. However, I do not recommend attending waterford schools if you want something to motivate you and are looking for something to advance your skills and make you college ready.
The people here are kind of racist and cranky. Not many attractions here except for lakes. The parents here are a bit irresponsible with their children.
Waterford has a few areas that are pretty nice. The high schools athletic and preforming arts faculties are really good. However Academically, it is pretty poor. All the public beaches and lakes make Waterford a nice place to visit for a day
i have lived here for all 18 years of my life and i find the people here to be nice and theres plenty of places to live
Waterford is an okay city to be living in. The schools are alright; I went to elementary, middle, and high school there and I'd say it's better than the education system when I was in Royal Oak schools in early elementary school. I don't really have much to comment on when it comes to nightlife or the real estate market of Waterford so I'm just going to say it's average. As for healthyliving, I think most people in Waterford don't live healthy because there are plenty of people that vape. Commute time is a mixed bag and safety really depends on the traffic. Waterford is a family friendly place I'd say and somewhat affordable to live in. Waterford has a little bit of a mix in terms of diversity but every time I try to apply for a job, they will never get back to me for some reason.
I'm a graduating high school student so I'll mostly talk about that. The thing about it is I actually go to school in West Bloomfield because Waterford schools are so bad. I played soccer with girls that went to Waterford schools in middle school, and there are two main middle for Waterford. I think all you need to know about it is they called one school the "drug school" and one school the "alcohol school."
It’s pretty safe, but has it’s bad spots for sure. A lot of crime in the neighborhoods near the old Summit Place Mall. We need more attention given to the roads here. I graduated from Kettering in 2004 and it was ok then , but I’ve heard from some teachers that there is a bad drug and alcohol issue in the school system. You have both rich and poor here, so it’s fairly diverse. You can have a $500k+ house on the lake and $75k small house less than a mile down the road. It’s a fairly clean and quiet town. I think most of the crime comes from teenagers messing with cars or smashing mailboxes. The lakes around here are usually pretty nice and there are a lot of parks and shopping. I grew up here and am currently here raising my 3 kids. We want to move, but that’s because of MI weather, not because of Waterford. It has it issues as every town does but overall it’s a decent place to live and it has a low tax rate, especially for Oakland county.
Great town for starting families and retirees. People are nice and the cost of living is average. Best place to buy a home as taxes and homes are affordable. There are a number of family friendly parks and recreation areas to use. Waterford is close to the Oakland Country Farmer's Market for direct access to fresh produce and local wares.
People should learn how to drive better and to have a better hygiene. Not to talk about education and attitudes.
There is access to many lakes and beaches for summer activities. It is in Oakland county, being one of the best county's to live in. The schools are great and people too. It would be nice to fix the roads. There are many potholes and bumpy main roads.
waterford is a great place to raise a family, its has many lakes, beaches, city parks as well as state parks in the area or just a short drive away. There are two high schools with great atheletics as well as after school programs. the city isn't to big or to small. you can also get to a major city, Detroit in about and hour, and see many attractions, and great dinning opportunities. overall Waterford is a safe, well kept and beautiful place surrounded by many bodies of water to enjoy.
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I love it because I spend a lot of time on the Lakes and doing outdoor activities. Walking the dog by the water is so relaxing. I live near a lake so hearing and seeing everyone enjoy the outdoors is very rewarding. I moved away for almost two years and couldn't wait to get back. This truly is home for me. It also helps that it's close to my work.
It’s really nice in our neighborhood because everyone is friendly, walking distance to restaurants, nice main roads.
I've had a pretty good experience over here! Most of the locals are very friendly, and we've never had a problem with thievery or robbery. The town looks a little run down in general, and there is a bit of a a litter problem. But there's a whole lot to do around here and despite its appearances, it's actually quite a nice place to live.
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