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Waterford Charter Township Reviews

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Waterford is a nice township to raise a family in. It is very family oriented with nature walks, parks, and many lakes to visit with the kids. Housing ranges from afford townhouses and apartments, to luxury 3 level, waterfront properties. The only downside is there is little nightlife. Not many hip bars for 20 and 30 somethings to enjoy. If that doesnt bother you, give Waterford a try.
I've lived here my whole life, I went to the schools here(they are kind of poor monetarily and in diversity and emotionally). However, I would say it is a quiet and safe area to establish a family, the nightlife is practically none existent unless you love bowling or the movies. Real estate wise it is a little pricey but the area is nice and the area is right
It's close to a lot of things in detroit (relative to farther north oakland county) close to woodward, 75, and telegraph, so you can pretty much go anywhere. There are things to do in Pontiac as well.
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I like how close everything is. There are many stores and businesses within a 10 mile radius, there's nothing you wont find in Waterford. It's overall a very busy town. I would like to see a change in the road conditions and Dixie Highway cleaned up.
OK suburb that has its rich and poor areas. Not much to do. Many of the rich people have already fled to West Bloomfield, Birmingham, etc.
Waterford is a beautiful place to live, full of parks and lakes. It has many stores, activities, and restaurants. Close to M-59, and easy to get just about everywhere!
I enjoy living in Waterford. The lakes are my favorite part. Everywhere you are, you are close to water and the beach! On top of that, it has always been safe for my family and me, and it is clean and well kept. It is a great place to live.
Waterford is a wonderful, family oriented community. There are several parks and trails to enjoy, as well as community events. I lived here for several years, raising two children here, and highly recommend our lovely little town. We have great schools, plenty of restaurants, many locally owned businesses, and several entertainment venues. Waterford is a wonderful place to live and raise a family!
I have lived in Waterford going on 2 years now, and I am so glad I decided to move here. Filled with nature reserves, parks, and lakes, there is so much to do and see. It is also home to one of the top rated places to get a taco in the nation. M-59 has everything you need, all on one stretch. There are so many family-friendly establishments, and the best bowling center located off of Cooley Lake Road. I love this place, and look forward to living here the rest of my life.
This town is relatively safe and has a decent school system. It's generally pretty boring here. There aren't many restaurants and the few we have close early. There are many places to go hang out or targeted towards children. Not many places too shop. Waterford is only 15-20 minutes from others towns that do have malls and other entertaining places.
I actually love living here and have lived here for over 20 years. However, it is not very diverse or tolerant of other cultures. The community is safe and I love it but the community needs more attractions for the local families and the schools could use enhancing.
Overall a good place to live.
I would like to see more diversity in Waterford. Currently Waterford has a majority of Caucasian residence. I would like to see more minorities diversify Waterford besides just being on sports teams, I want to see more minorities occupying the houses in Waterford.
Waterford is community focused with an abundance of nearby recreational activities, along with close relationships with local fire and police. It is conveniently located providing shopping and dining locations in the township itself and nearby cities.
Nice city lots of resturants and things to do. Police are slow. Otherwise great community. Quiet, peaceful, easy to live in.
Waterford is a nice town, but over the years things have begun to get worn down. Stores are closing and there is more vandalism than there used to be. But, there are still things to do in waterford such as, go to the movies, go bowling, eat at good restaurants and for when it is nice outside there are parks to go to and lots of icecream places around too.
I've lived here my whole life. Definitely hasn't been the best place to grow up but there are certain things about it that I appreciate and wouldn't change. Waterford doesn't really have much to do within itself other than the typical movie theaters and shopping that you can find most places. You're much more likely to find things to do if you are willing to drive to other nearby places. The township is made up of nothing but neighborhoods and strip malls, so it has a very separated feeling. Probably not the best place to live if you're a social person. Basically, Waterford is a cookie cutter township that has nothing special to it. Despite having a few exclusive shops and restaurants there is no uniqueness or character. The one thing I appreciate most about Waterford is the diversity. In Waterford there are friendly people of all ages, races and economic groups.
A large friendly diverse safe community with plenty to do around town. A family friendly community.
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I have only ever lived in Waterford. This town has been a safe haven to my family and I throughout the time we have lived here. It is very close to many wonderful surrounding cities. I have met so many great people in my hometown and I am very thankful for that!
Lots of outdoor opportunities and range of housing options. My experience of the schools has been good. I feel the schools are very good.
Waterford has been my home since birth. Growing up here while watching Waterford grow with me has been amazing.
My eldest son has stayed in Waterford a long side our family. He bought his first home here at age 22. He has blessed me with my grand daughter making us 5th generation still kicking.
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