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The only thing I like about in Waterbury would have to be the mall, palace theatre and the college downtown. There are a couple nice areas including some of the parks and certain neighborhoods. Other than that the town is awful there's too much crime way to many drugs and overall the people of this town are just angry and miserable. They need to clean this town up and get some more things for people to do.
The main thing i like about Waterbury is despite the lack of activity and the crime rate you can meet a lot of people that enjoy the same things you enjoy keeping you out of trouble. through that one person you will meet plenty more that are striving to better their own lives. here in Waterbury everyone knows everyone.
I love the history of the city. From the Brass Mills, to the green, the city itself is a work of beauty. Holy Land is continuously being worked on to bring that attraction back. the I-84 project is almost done too which will make travel so much easier.
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Waterbury is mostly a commuter town. Hard to find childcare. Not a lot of large employers. Construction is a constant thing here. Finishing up a highway widening project.
The roads are horrible, the city needs major renovation. The city is close to all major highways, so the the commute is great. Crime is bad in certain areas
I like that there's public transportation, there are some areas that are really nice and quiet and there's a lot of resources available for individuals in need of services.
Ive lived here my whole life so I love the place. There are things like getting the community together to clean up the streets. Also more jobs could be added to help get the unemployed on their feet.
I grew up in waterbury. When I was younger my sisters and I really enjoyed it. It was quiet and the people were nice. Now things are getting worse. For the last few months it’s constant terrible news about Waterbury. People getting shot, killed, businesses being broken into, vandalism, and cars getting stolen. It’s just been terrible and I really can’t wait to leave this place.
I liked Waterbury because it was easy to commute to school and work but with the constructions for the past 7 years it has been difficult.
While being in Waterbury, I've loved how quiet it is and how friendly people are. It's such a huge difference coming from a big city where everyone and everything is fast paced. At first, i couldn't even sleep because of how quiet it was, i was used to sirens and people yelling but after awhile, i tended to enjoy it.
Overall Waterbury is a poor city within CT. There has been increase in crime lately, more deaths then usual. Many people are adicted to narcotics.
Waterbury is a nice town but rough at times. It is amazingly diverse and has a bunch of amazing people who care about the community they live in.
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15 Best Things to Do in Waterbury (CT)

Waterbury in Connecticut is a city with a population of a little over 100,000 inhabitants that sits in leafy New England, and although its name may make you think that this city is closely associated with water, it is actually most well known for something else entirely.

Also referred to as the ‘Brass City’, Waterbury is known for is brass production and, as a natural result of this, as a large producer of clocks, watches, and other time pieces. To that end, there is even a time related museum here where you can learn all about this industry in Waterbury.
The real estate market is high, public schools are below average, infrastructure is poor and not improving.
What I like about Waterbury is that no matter where you go it always feels like your apart of the neighborhood. Waterbury is small and big at the same time. It may be small in size however its big in family. I would like to see more programs provided for our young people to be apart of. Crime in Waterbury seems to be committed by younger and younger people.
I came to Waterbury from Portugal when I was 17 and attended school here. Ever since, I've lived here and am currently 26 years old. I own my own home and have not had many troubles with the city. The population is very diverse, with many sections often having various races and cultures come together. There are numerous things to do, such as go to the mall or the many parks throughout the city.
I like the cultural diversity in Waterbury as well as the many historic buildings downtown. What I would like to see changed is that more law enforcement to put into place downtown.
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I love that there are different colleges. The Palace Theater, food options, late night delivery, diversity.
Infrastructure is failing and the unemployment and homelessness rate is staggering. Landlords do not take good care of their homes and tenants and there are really only a few gem areas in the community. This city needs a lot of help to support the disenfranchised and improve its quality all around.
Although it's a very big city it feels like a small town because every one knows everyone else. I grew up here and we played outside all night with no issues. No one ever tried to hurt us or harassed us in any way. I know that there are places in Waterbury where those things occurred but we grew up in the East End and I am fortunate enough to still live there.
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