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Moved here 12 years ago because of a job transfer. The area is very rural. Movie theater is 12 miles away and grocery store is 7 miles. During the Summer the area is full of out-of-state temporary residents that have their summer homes in Maine.
Not much around here, the Cozy corner is a good spot for breakfast and lunch, while Town Line is good for dinner. Really no nightlife at all. Its a small town with not much in it.
I have lived here for 14 years and it has been great. Overall a well rounded town with a great community.
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Perfect location, yet economically unstable. Many who live there are unemployed, or have to travel great distances to work. There are also a substantial amount of foreclosed homes and run down houses.
Great area for fishing and trail rides through the woods.
Obviously I have some prejudice, but I love the town I grew up in. It's a very small town with not a ton to do, but it fit me because I wouldn't like living in a city. It's quiet and everyone is friendly. I guess if I had to see a change I would hope they build more restaurants and things like that.
I love the town of Waterboro. I have lived here for the past three years. I enjoy the small, closeness of the rural town. The schools are not large and they offer a quality education. Waterboro is not far from two cities in Southern Maine and it offers a small grocery store for convenience. The town is very family friendly and decently priced. Waterboro does not offer a nightlife but if that is what you are in search of the comment time is 30 minutes.
low cost, perfect for outdoor types, and young families. Many tings to do as far as the outdoors is concerned, and a half hour drive to most major things.
Waterboro is a quiet town that allow for a person to escape the city life. Waterboro holds many great places for swimming, fishing and boating. Waterboro has a public library, museum, and most notable, a thriving community.
I have loved growing up in Waterboro. My family moved here when I was 4 years old and have seen both me and my brother graduate from the school system. It's a small community but full of love and acceptance.
There is little to no major crime in the area I live in. Mostly the police keep the roads safe from people who mistreat them and/or speed.
The area I live in is a tight knit community. My first memories of my town are with less traffic lights and shops, but it still remains peaceful and quiet enough to be able to enjoy relaxing at the end of the day.
If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't choose to live in this are again. I like living in the city more than I do in the country, which is why I wouldn't want to live here again. The area is very nice, but it's not the atmosphere that I like. I don't like how everything is so far from each other. It would be nice to go to this area during the summer for vacation, but not the whole year. I hope to see more shops, restaurants, and entertainment in the future.
Mostly locally owned businesses with a handful of state wide businesses and one or two large businesses.
The small business owners hire trusted people
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