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In recent years, Washingtonville has become a much livelier place to live. We have a huge tree lighting on Christmas Eve. We have movie nights and festivals in town. We even have a Farmers Market as well! I've lived in Washingtonville my whole life. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, no matter how cheesy that sounds.
Growing up in Washingtonville I would always have to travel to nearby towns to participate in activities or to go somewhere with my friends. Over the years I have seen this part of Washingtonville drastically change, now we have family oriented activities to encourage getting to know new people in your community and spend the day with your loved ones. Washingtonville always was and now always will be a positive place to start or raise a family!
I like the community in Washingtonville. Everyone knows everyone which is a nice thing. There is a lot of things to do in Washingtonville. Everyone is family friendly. Sometimes over the summer at night they have movie nights which is really fun. My friends and I always go to the local food businesses to get something to eat and hangout. Everything is reasonable price. There is also a lot of local businesses. Another thing I like about Washingtonville is the schools. I loved my elementary school and middle school was also fun. Now that I am in high school I have great bond with my teachers. I feel safe at school all of the time.
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Washingtonville is a small, yet very welcoming town. Not a huge amount of ethnic diversity, but people are very close knit here and very nice. Much of the town is quite traditional and there are many local businesses that have been around for years. There are many local events that Washingtonville hosts, which provide ways for town people to interact and embrace significant holidays of the year. Overall, Washingtonville has a friendly environment and values a safe community.
Been here all my life so far, and it's great to see that the town is slowking beginning to change in order to get the community involved in activities. The school district is also very good. Great teachers and staff.
Relatively quiet village in Blooming Grove, New York. Much of the village's activity and notability comes from it's high school (Washingtonville Senior High School) and the Brotherhood Winery, America's Oldest Winery.
Washingtonville is closely knit like a family. It is harder for younger generations to see but if you attend the many local events that there are around you find that there are good people just trying to settle down and make the best out of suburban life upstate.

However, it becomes apparent that the way of life is slow and it becomes a drag especially for young adults.

To enjoy Washingtonville is to enjoy the trees you see driving down the road. It's remembering the connections you made with someone who owns a local family restaurant. It's choosing between one of the two pizza parlors and chinese restaurants as your favorite and despising the other.

We may be a 'ghost town' as Zendaya might have said on her twitter account, but when the town gets to it we might just accidently burn down a Planet Wings.

It's been great here.
Having lived in over a half dozen ‘bedroom’ communities in NY, I think the washingtonville area is above average and way above average if money is a concern.
The local school system is much better than the online rankings and the proximity to shopping, historical sites, the river etc is as good as anywhere. The drawbacks are the commute to the city and the conservative leaning politics which show up most dramatically in the local police force. There’s no diversity and a palpable ethnocentric aire when dealing with law enforcement. However, the local court systems are 100% fair.
It’s definitely not Nassau county or westchester but it’s moving in a good direction.
Be careful with new construction as the houses go up overnight in the new developments, not enough time for a 3-4 bedroom home. Although the new housing looks nice now, I hate to imagine the problems a homeowner will encounter in 5-10 years.
Hope this helps you
i am an alum of WHS. love the town and people. good community. small businesses. everyone kind of knows everyone
Washingtonville is a very homely place. Its beautiful all year around. The people are friendly and you really get a great small town feeling when here.
It’s quiet and peaceful but there’s not much to do. I wish it was more lively and diverse. It’s a small town. I prefer living in a big city like New York City.
There isn’t anything to do in the town, but the Moffat library has great activities for children and teens. The town should be more lively with more shops and activities. The schools are great however.
What a cute town, good schools, nice place to live. Great for commuters and for young family's starting out.
Washingtonville is a small town located in Orange County, New York. I love the location of this town because everything you need is a short drive away. It is far enough from the city where you can enjoy peace and quiet, but close enough to the city where you can go and spend the day. There are so many activities to do in this area you can never be bored.
I moved to Washingtonville in 2008. Finished my last year of middle school and completed high school. I met some good friends.
Home to me is not just the house I live in but the people and feelings that surround me. I live in Washingtonville, New York, also known as Wizard Nation. This is my home. A Tuesday night is spent watching our soccer team kick their goals; a Thursday night is spent watching the basketball players shoot their baskets; a Friday night is spent watching our football team play their hearts out. The chants of "I believe that we will win" and the "Wizard Rumble" makes me feel at home. The voices and laughter that fill the air constantly reminds me, I am home. Any time I step foot into my school and my principal, Mr. Connolly says, "Good morning Wizard," reminds me again, I am home. Coming back to my house after school, greeted by my parents’ smiles reminds me once again, I am home.
When I leave for college next year, I know I will miss my friends and family. I will miss my loving town. I will miss cheering for the Wizards. I will miss home.
It's a small town. It is in the middle of all the major towns, like Monroe, Newburgh, and Middletown. Roughly a 30 min drive either way. The people are nice and the schools are great with awesome teachers.
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The houses all mostly resemble one another. Some are good quality, however others are of low quality. There is not a large amount of abandoned properties.
It is a very friendly area and many people have been living here for most of their lives. There is a lot of neighbor interactions and strong bonds are usually present.
There is little to no crime and the area is very safe.
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