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I've spent many summers visiting my grandparents here and currently live in the same home my mother was raised in. I've always considered Washington a safe haven after visiting 10 countries in my life, although I can't say Washington is Mayberry like anymore!
Washington is a beautiful small town. Everyone is friendly and there is lots to do. Our schools are great and the staff really cares about us.
Its a plain town and needs more to do.
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You do not hear of crime much in this town. if you do it is petty little crimes nothing to be worried about. And which that is the best one could ask for around here.
The weather here is typical Iowa weather. You occasionally hear of a severe snow storm or tornado but nothing other than that.
They hire high school students and over work and under pay them just so they can make more money for their business.
The only place you really have to eat around here are McDonalds and Subway. You can not really have a favorite dish when all there is to eat is fast food. There really is not a variety.
You can not get everything you need in this area you have to drive thirty min. to get most things you need because our town only offers the bare minimum.
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