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The neighborhood is great. It is most importantly safe. The people are nice and quiet. The area I live in very close to the interstate, gas station, etc.
When the weather effects our roads no one does anything.
You have to go to a near by town and by the time you pay gas and maintance on you car its not worth it.
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Farmers are always on the go never stopping i can walk 6 miles in one day in a hog barn.
Dont have but one little gasstation. and two nasy bars.
It has its bad and good just like the cities. In the country no one bothers you. You can turn your radio up leave your doors unlocked. but then you have to drive for everything make a list.
You dont have to look in anyones windows. theres land out here. Farmers keep there yards and garadens up daily.
People know everything if they can around here alot of farm feilds but so small minds.
If you like the country then you can go any way to get anywhere.
The rivers bring in fishing and boating in the summers.
I have no community. Farmers stay for life.
I have to drive 30 mints. to any kind of restaurants.
Like i said i live in the country on a farm if we were to depend on public services we would be let down. We wouldnt be able to feed and so many other things we do as farmers for a world that looks the other way.
I live out in the raul parts. That would be on my father and step-moms farm. They are pig farmers so it is all about hard work to keep it clean and healthy for them to farm for america.
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