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It is a big town with not very much to do. Not much diversity in restaurants and just pretty much one main park. The high school is not the best when it comes to education.
I have lived in Washington township just about my entire life!. I love this town and the people in it. Everyone is friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. The school system is award winning and and so is the law enforcement. The only think I would change about this town would be more visitors!. I love spreading the word.
It is a very small town, where everybody knows everybody . People here are very nice and friendly. The school system is excellent and the neighborhood is beautiful .
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calm and close to major cities
Pretty much zero crime in this area the police are always around and come immediately when they receive a call.
Really good area to live in and was deemed the safest city in New Jersey. Beautiful scenery especially in the spring and summer. Roads can be a little hard to drive on in the winter but still safe. Very central location, only and hour or so from New York City!
I work with the police and they are a great force. They care about what they are doing and take their jobs seriously but in a professional and friendly manner. The force likes to meet the community and supports the local farms with traffic control during the busy hours. The police are friendly and understanding. They are especially easy to work with and support the other local emergency services.
The nickname for Long Valley is Happy Valley. The area is a great place to raise kids or to grow up as a kid. Things are not geographically close but that is part of the wonder of Long Valley. We have 2 county parks and a state park right in town and there are many other trails to go hiking. The Patriot Path and the Columbia Trial are great day walks. The school system has a great overall environment and the schools are very accepting and equal. There is not much diversity but there are few problems with unequal opportunity.
Washington Township is one of the safest towns in the state of New Jersey, I have no fear of crime living here. Neighbors are friends, and doors are frequently left unlocked.
As a person with a strong preference for an urban environment and cultural happenings, I find this area to be slightly stifling. This is to be expected as I am a young adult living in a region that caters to families. It is a lovely and safe area to raise children, but lacks the diversity and excitement I crave.
Long Valley New Jersey is a great place to live. The town's biggest asset is it's safety. For as long as i've lived here, I have never felt unsafe or insecure. The crime rate is so low, that I'm pretty sure Long Valley was recently recognized as one of the safest towns in the nation. Rarely will I hear about a crime in this town where someone is damaging another person in some way. The police department is constantly patrolling and maintaining street safety( I see at least one police car every day). Also, the police department responds in favorable time.
There is little to no prevalent crime in my area
I feel as though my area is a great place to live, with a strong sense of community and many opportunities.
It's Friday night and my friends and I are figuring out what to do for the night. We can not decide what to do because there is almost nothing to do in Long Valley. This town is almost nothing but farm land and suburban cookie cutter neighborhoods. There are some positives to the lack of industry though. Driving up the mountain part of the town never ceases to amaze me with beautiful views of the landscape that is colored with a wide pallet of different trees and farmland. The land is also highlighted with a gradual change in radiance as the sun rises. Its also important though to feel safe and secure where you live, and these two qualities is what Long Valley excels in. This town is so safe, It was actually just voted as the safest town in New Jersey. I believe that this quality alone is a good enough reason to live in Long valley, even with the gut wrenching taxes that is demanded from Jersey residents.
Some people clearly make the choice or feel the need to mistreat or not take care of their bodies. Most people, however, are fairly healthy, maybe slightly overweight while not obese, and find ways to exercise. There are lots of local farm stands for low-cost, local, healthy food too.
The houses range from average to McMansions, depending on what street you're driving down. No eyesores, though.
There is very little crime in this area because very little happens in this area. Long Valley is mostly a residential town and maybe every few years there is a burglary or two, but no serious injuries. Stupid kids with drivers licenses that they shouldn't have are more of a problem.
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New Jersey gets the full set of all four seasons. Summers are hot and muggy, winters tend to very cold, but only sometimes is there a lot of snow. Autumn is particularly pretty in this area because of all the mountains and trees around; they make driving very scenic.
The local restaurants are fantastic and have a wide variety of ethnic choices.
Most of the very local hiring stores are small and retail. However, Long Valley has easy access to larger companies within a 30 minute drive that provide larger salaried positions at a higher rate than the local stores.
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