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There is a lot of crime in my town. We have gangs that beat up young children and old people but according to my school their is no problem with drugs or gangs.
I love where I live. I live in the country and it is beautiful! In the town that I am a part of, we have a heroin problem with people dying almost every week. Businesses are closing down and leaving the area and the town is starting to get run down.
This area is nice because it is centrally located to some major cities like NYC and Philadelphia.
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Some of the restaurants don't always cook like their supposed to.
Susie's has good food but the people stare you all the time
There are not many job openings in this area. Unless you want to work in fast food or a convenient store. There are no big businesses, and not many jobs to make a possible career out of.
One of the local restaurants in this area is called Susie's Shady Nook. When you first walk into Susie's, you can automatically feel the homeyness of the atmosphere. The waitresses take the best care in getting you everything you need. They treat you like family, all down the the huge portion sizes of the meal.
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