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One thing that is great about Waynesboro is that it is safe. Most of the community knows one another, so if someone is in danger or needs help it is easy to find. Also if there ever were an extreme issue the police are quick to respond, and care about the well being of the community.
Waynesboro is a very small town, growing up here is not a regret. This town instills values in its youth, and lets them see life from a perspective you cannot find in the city. But to live here beyond your youth would be unfortunate if one had lived in Waynesboro their whole life. Waynesboro does not have much to offer to individuals who want to grow in their careers and see the world. It also lacks heavily in varation of cultures, then again no place is perfect to stay in forever.
Only thing about is I live near farms so it smells certain times of e year.
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The neighborhood I live in is very safe, and affordable for families. All properties have nice sized yards and garages. Also, because they houses were not all built together as a development, they do not all look the same.
It is a pretty safe place to live. There is some violence and drug use. The downtown area is probably the most dangerous part of town. I have never had a problem, and have never felt threatened living here.
We have a good community. There are connections all over the place. In my particular neighborhood we have great neighbors who would do anything for us. It is very safe for kids and a great place to live.
The weather here is fantastic. Although it is humid, you get a taste of every season living here. There is no major threat of natural disaster.
We do not have very many restaurants. What we do have are family restaurants, nothing very expensive. Also, there are very few that are open late hours or all night. I do not know of many bars or clubs either.
Many people commute, especially government workers who work at local military sites. In town there are many opportunities for high school students to work.
Many of the local businesses are chains, which is often cheaper, however less diverse. Unfortunately there are not as many little local shops, but there are some.
People get involved when there are events because we don't have a lot of things to do around here. The community is somewhat pet friendly but it could be a lot better. There needs to be more parks and fields to have fun in. We spend a lot of money on trivial stuff and not things that need to be fixed, like roads or public places.
We have a lot of petty crime and theft. You also have to watch out for the safety of your car. It is not safe to walk downtown either.
In my town, it is rare that you hear of crimes.
There are very few opportunities unless waitressing or teaching is your job.
We don't have a lot of retail stores, clothing stores, or other interesting shops in town.
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