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Lots of crime, but police seem to do their best.
Winter is cold, but a great area to grow up in.
I lived in a trailer park, and they were always so unprofessional. When we needed help fixing something for the house like the A/C or furnish, it would take months for them to come and help.
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The area in which I reside is a very good one. It is safe, which is a major concern and there are many places of employment. If I could do it all over I would live here again, unless I were to move to a larger city or to somewhere more tropical.
There are parks here that aren't kept up too well. Some of them are nicer than others. Generally, people in this area don't take care of our natural resources and it's pretty depressing. There is a lot of agriculture which results in spraying pesticides. That's a huge health risk in my opinion.
If you want to work for minimum wage, or in a factory, then this area is for you. It's mostly blue collar jobs.
It's not a horrible place but it doesn't have much to offer. The crime is getting worse, there is a huge immigrant population that generally tends to not keep their homes and businesses up to the standards we used to have around here. I can't wait to move far away.
The crime around here is getting out of control. There are lots of shootings, robberies and burglaries. I don't like that aspect of living here.
There are a lot of hardcore, right wing republicans in this area. I used to be one. It isn't the most diverse place in the world.
We're known for jazz music (who cares?) and Amish people.
There are quite a few businesses to choose from. We could certainly benefit from more shopping options in the Elkhart/Bristol area.
There are some really nice houses in this area. It's a good place to live. The cost of living isn't too high.
They're okay for what they are, not anything special or spectacular compared to some other large cities
We are known for being a fat and lazy state, and our drug problems are rampant
I've never been out at night there
I'm really tired of having to write things here that are pretty much for the same question being repeated over and over again
Some fun stuff, but you have to go find it
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Lots of spring, summer, and fall events
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