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My town is a close knit community. The people are all friendly and helpful. The high school experience was rewarding, we won two straight championships in football and it set me up for a great college, WPI.
I feel safe here, moderate amount of crimes happen.
There's many different types of jobs available in this area.
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There is ton of variety when it comes to places of bussiness
Being so densely populated, there can be highly congested areas at times. The public transportation is good. There is an ample amount of sidewalks but more often than not, pedestrians decide not to use it (no idea why) and that can become problematic.
People tend to spend as much time as they can in this area. I know of a few parents of classmates who grew up in this area and then raised their kids here. The community is extremely pet friendly.
Bergen County is crazy densely populated and there are places to eat just about everywhere.
As much as I love this area, EVERYONE IS THE SAME. Almost everyone is some form of Christian, white, liberal, and from the upper middle class. Other than that, most people are super friendly and nice.
It all really depends on what you're looking for, but overall, I'd say we have pretty decent local businesses. I've never felt like I couldn't find what I needed/wanted or that I had to travel far for it.
People are probably attracted to this area because of the close proximity to New York City.
I love living here. Generally speaking, everyone is really nice and there's always something going on. I couldn't imagine being brought up anywhere else, especially a more quiet part of the country. I'm moving two hours away in a month and I know how much I will miss North Jersey. I'd like to raise my kids here in the future.
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