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The ease of access to Peoria about 20 to 30 minute drive depending on the side of town you are headed. Would like to see more recreation and trails in the area that span from Summit into the heart of Washington.
I like that Washington is a safe town, and that there is a good variety of local businesses. However, Washington does sort of have a high reputation preceding it because of things like its schools and other stuff that give people a superior sense of being sometimes for living in Washington.
I like my hometown. I have not had a bad experience in public. There is very little crime around here if any at all. Most things are within walking distance, though I live on the edge of town so some things are a bit further.
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Washington is very nice and peaceful. The community is heartwarming and the school system is great. I've lived here for almost 6 years and I love it. The suburb of Peoria is rather small, but every thing to live is in town. There is grocery and hardware stores. The only thing I would want to see changed is more stores and restaurants in town. For shopping and a good quality dinner, one must travel outside of Washington to do so. As a whole, Washington is amazing.
I like the people in the community of Washington. Everyone is always so friendly no matter where you go around town. However, I feel like there needs to be some changes with restaurants and buildings around here. For example, there is a plot of land for sale across from the McDonald's and multiple businesses keep going out of business. I feel like they need to rethink building there. I also do not like how Washington values the name over talent when it comes to sports. It is one of the many reasons I did not continue my high school sports career.
Washington is a wonderful community! Everyone in Washington is very friendly, and the community is very tightly-knit!
I've grown up in Washington and it's a wonderful town. There is no shortage of wonderful people. It's a great and safe place to start a family and it's a short drive away from Peoria.
Small town dedicated to community and safety. Washington always has fun events, restaurants, and activities going on that everyone will love.
I like that Washington is a close-knit town that values its residents and the condition of their town. Washington is a town in which I feel safe, and am never worried about being in serious danger.
Washington, Illinois has been my home town for the past 17 years of my life. Washington is a small city, so everyone is very close. Our city is also very kind, and caring. After the tornado hit in 2013, our city got together and helped clean everything and offered everyone all the help we could give. Ever since we have been a much closer community. We have many community-building activities like Good Neighbors Day, and Dax Fest.
I live in a small town. Everyone knows everyone which is good. Which is good because everyone helps out when someone is in trouble. What would I change nothing because we don't have drug problems like must cities do and I don't think we will have the gun trouble I hope.
Washington was a very quaint but beautiful town. The community surrounding Washington was wonderful to experience and growing up in such a welcoming environment helped me to become the person I am today. In 2012 Washington experienced a horrible tornado that destroyed the whole town and everyone rallied around to help their neighbors in any way possible.
Washington is a small, close-knit community. There is a lot of town pride and support, and whenever something bad happens there is a lot of community outreach, such as with the tornado. The school spirit is high, the people are friendly, and it is near Peoria, a major city.
I'm very comfortable living in Washington, there are lots of fun shops to visit and lots of restaurants to eat at for almost every type of food. The people here are very welcoming and pleasant, and we're pretty community based. There are lots of things to do with your friends here and it's overall a really great town.
The only change I would like to see is more diversity, but we are gradually getting that, so I'm excited to see what's to come.
I used to live in Washington when the 2013 tornado hit. I always loved the town before but after the tornado the people of the community really proved how much a small town can come together after a disaster. Everyone was more than willing to help, especially those that had just lost everything. The small town feel of Washington is absolutely amazing and I would recommend Washington to anyone and everyone!
Very safe area with a quaint and historic square. Farmers markets, concerts, and other events are held in the town square. Washington high school sports are very competitive and successful. A great place to raise a family with plenty of activities for kids.
I like the community and closeness. I think it is just right in size. It has multiple places like: a coffee shop, library, old fashioned store, parks, and much more. I do wish it wasn't so expensive to live in Washington. Renting a place in Washington, IL is pretty high.
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Safe area. Great for kids and families. High priced real estate. Currently rent and its outrageous but love our neighborhood and we are close to everything.
I love living in Washington. It is a smaller town, but not too small. It is close to the main city Peoria and easy to get into. Good school district. Family friendly and most of all safe and a good place to call home.
It's a very safe and friendly bedroom town. There isn't a tone of nightlife or activities when compared to a bigger city, but that's to be expected. I would recommend to anyone wanting a polite, safe, family friendly town. I would however discourage anyone who wants an exciting, action-filled, nightlife filled city experience. I would move to Chicago for that.
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