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The free museums in Washington D.C provide a great environment for children and adults as an activity. The problem of growing expenses for residency is a bit much but over all the city is nice and welcoming.
There is a high crime rate in Washington, D.C. I personally was a victim of an assault as a tourist prior to me moving here. My other issue is the metro train station closes early so it's difficult for many late night workers to travel home.
A very diverse city, full of life. Meeting interesting people from all around the world and sharing passions. Everyone in DC has an interesting story and unique perspectives of the world. The buildings are all beautiful and historic. I spend most of my time at unique coffee shops, working, and chatting. The beautiful parks are great for staying active. A wonderful work/life balance in the Nation's Capital.
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I have resided in Washington DC for over 30 years . I have learned a lot about my city . The white house is located here long with the Washington Monument , Holocaust meausene and the nations could capitol
The area is diverse with friendly people
with a lot of restaurants, museums and clubs to visit which will keep you busy and occupied. Never get bored living in Washington dc
I love D.C.. The people here are incredible, the food is amazing, great culture, and everywhere is easily accessible because of metro/bus.
I liked the sights you see in DC, rich in history. It’s museums, parks, cherry blossoms, city tours, nightlife and how things are metro accessible. The improvements I’d like to see is in the metro fare it’s $2 for the metro buses with 1-2 hrs transfers but the metro rails prices vary depending one where your going and that’s pricey why not just be $2 flat rate for both.
Washington is a great city for young professionals to make a start in their careers, particularly in the field of public policy. While affordability can sometimes be an issue, residents certainly receive significant returns on their investment from living in D.C.
Washington, DC offers great education, health care and social events/programs however organization and professionalism is not a strong suit in most business establishments.
People friendly, lot of museums, all ways something to do, places to go, it is a diverse place to live, Ienjoy the public transportation because you don't have to have a car to live on dc you can just hop on the train or bus to get just about anywhere
I have grown up outside of DC and moved to the city for school. I was always in love with the city and it was fantastic visiting for day trips and for special occasions. There are museums and restaurants for every liking and every price point as well. My personal favorite is the Newseum, which features the history of Journalism and New production. There is an entry fee but it is well worth it. Plus, they have a student discount.
I like the scenery of the city, you can be walking down the street and see monuments and statues randomly. This gives a very unique feel to the city that I don't think you can get anywhere else. I just wish that there was more affordable food places around here.
DC is a great place to live overall. The public schools are consistently lagging behind and rental prices have skyrocketed, but a good place to live.
My overall experience in Washington, D.C. is average. I love how there is always something to do and it is easy to adapt to. It is also small, therefore; it is easy to get around. The people for the most part are nice and as a community we look out for each other. I am grateful that we are the nations capital so I believe we receive more security than other places across the country. Everywhere you go in the world there is going to be crime but different sectors of D.C, have it worse than others. I live in a poverty stricken sector of Washington D.C. but I do not let that get in the way of who I am and how I view the rest of my city. Overall, D.C.'s safety and family friendly rating is average. The only real negatives I have about D.C. is the few job training opportunities and the affordability. However, all things considered, I enjoy living in Washington D.C.
I was born and raised in Washington DC, and I love the community and the foundation that it has built for me. It does feel like the center of the United States, and the diversity here is incredible.
I like the ambiance of the D.C. I have the opportunity to explore so many different types of food and cultures. I have created so many different connections just chasing with people at local events and coffee shops in town.
I am originally from NY but I go to school in DC. It definitely took some adjustment, but after I explored DC outside of my school's campus, I realized that it is a small but lively city.
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I’ve lived in Washington, DC for 18 years. It’s a clean, green city with lots of free things to do and an assortment of good, reasonably-priced restaurants to choose from. Biking is my personal favorite way to get around the city. Parking can be difficult in many places, so I find it easiest to bike and/or metro wherever I go.
It's a relatively small place, so you're likely to find people you know no matter where you go. The constant recurrence of people also assure you always see a companion you are familiar with even if you are unfamiliar with that certain places. Education wise, it's a very underfunded and lackluster program.
I currently live in DC and I've lived here all my life. Dc is a growing city with a lot of upcoming features that require an expensive living. Although, DC has lots of affordable housing and social programs for individuals in poverty. It still doesn't make it affordable for individuals who have been citizens their whole life. The DC night life is very exciting, the schools, and health is overall great. It's just becoming more and more expensive to live as each year the cost of living goes up to a higher grade.
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