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I love DC because its unique. Especially now as it's in a renaissance period. It used to be a commuter city and now real estate is booming within the district.
I have lived in Washington, D.C. all my life and I love my city. Even though get around the city make take some time because of metro I love it. This is a city of opportunities you have access to a lot beneficial things. The monumental site are everything. Downtown is amazing all the historical site it is very educational.
Harbor is the best apot and rock creek park fun and great food. Romantic spot for make ups. Family fun oriented lovibg big and alot to cover. Very humbling and perfect.
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I am a Washingtonian born in raise in Washington DC. I love my city it is a great place to live and raise children as I have. Washington DC is also the political capitol of the world. There is great entertainment, restaurants and National Monuments to visit.
Dc is a great place with plenty of opportunities. Lots of museums, as a student in the area its a great place to be
I have lived in Washington all my life. i think it is a great place to live . everything is accessible by train and bus.
I love my city! Not only does it have amazing universities in the area, it is also a diverse city with people from all walks of life. Everything is metro accessible in the District, you can choose to take the bus or train to the White House or Monument. How cool is that ?
My experience in Washington DC is amazing. Every one is so friendly and the environment is wonderful The neighbor hoods are quiet, and their are friendly neighbors. Their is always a corner store to run to if you need any thing. Every thing is almost walking distant. Great places to jog. DC is just a really amazing place to live.
This is my home been here all my life. I love where I am from the diversity, the different cultures and foods. Plenty of opportunities.
I have really enjoyed my time living in DC. As it is a very international city, residents enjoy meeting and interacting with people from around the world.
Washington DC is a very diverse and amazing city with lots of opportunities and things to see although so many things are changing and safety is an issue for me now.
When I moved to the Petworth neighborhood, it didn't feel like it was the most safe, however, overtime it has gotten more safe, clean and better kept. This area makes up a lot of row houses, single families and a few condo buildings. There are some new restaurants entering the area that pretty good as well. You will see a variety of races in this neighborhood as well.
Washington DC is a great city to live, the music, the atmosphere, the cultural diversity and high rate of employment benefits makes this a great city.
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Washington, DC is a good place to live. Certain places in DC, are not liveable which includes downtown which is too high. What I like to see change is fixing up places that needs to be fix .
Vibrant culture, diverse people, and excellent restaurants! Always something going on- is also a safe and clean city.
Lots of things to do, super fun and exciting place to be. People are very into the culture. Downside is how expensive it is to live here.
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DC is a fabulous place. Very diverse, lots of wonderful and free of cost cultural experiences. It’s a great place to raise a family.. lots of modern conveniences.
Washington DC is a place like no other. The culture there is beautiful, and the history around every corner is undeniable. The people who live there are kind, and take care of each other like a large community. It is one of my favorite places in the world, and I'm glad I got the chance to grow up there.

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