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I was born and raised in DC and experienced many events while living in the city. One thing I love about DC is some one the opportunities that public schools are giving compared to many other schools. Additionally, there is this special culture about DC and is honesty very diverse. DC is full of many types of people with different personalities ad backgrounds and is enough for many to learn about. DC has many educational sites as well such as the national mall full of many museums that I have visited before. Moreover, so many fun events takes place in DC that makes the whole experience of living here enjoyable. While there may be side of DC that is not the best like some education issues, DC overall is a very eventful city and there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Living in Washington D.C gave me the city life and resources that I needed to becoem who I am today. D.C has its character, night life, fun, and great tourists. You will meet so many new people every day and will learn something new every day. Your always doing something and something is always happening in D.C. You got museums, events, politics, night life, restaraunts, etc. The DC life is great and you never get bored.
Washington, D.C. is a beautiful place to live depending on which area you live in. It is very congested and it takes about 25 minutes to travel two miles by car. It's better to either commute by train or to walk.
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I moved here from New Orleans La, 19 years ago. The opportunities afforded to myself and kids has been worth the move.

DC needs to be more affordable to live in due to the vast job opportunities available. I would like to see it less gentrified and more diverse.
I was born and raised in Washington, DC...and is not what it used to be. I finally left it behind July 2019, and I am so HAPPY. Now, I will say if you just want to visit for the history and museums...then it's awesome. However, living there is hell. The housing prices and the crime is outrageous. When it comes to the apartments... they lack space, and you'll pay an arm and a leg for a closet. On another note, if you decide to buy a home, the average asking price is 500 thousand to a couple million (not worth it). And just know that if you do purchase a will never own the land, but you will pay taxes on it. Long story short...if you like overcrowding, crime, gentrification, subtle racism, overpricing, senseless taxing, inconsiderate and rude people...then be my guest, become a DC resident. Seriously, do thourough research on this place.
Thriving city in night-life, job opportunity, luxury and moderate living. Cultural Attractions, fun areas to lounge or play outdoors. Metro makes your commute quicker in times of high traffic. Also through out downtown and the southwest quarter you can rent bikes and scooters to save on parking and time or just to commute in a cool way. They are also famous eatery located all over. The food options are diverse
Gentrifications has been a big issue. I wanna see less black low income people getting pushed out, if rent rises so should pay. Also the culture of Washington DC needs to stay the same, the people coming in ard trying to change things.
Its a terrible city, filled with rude, arrogant and snobby people. Most think are Gods gift. City govt is run terribly. I am counting the days until I can leave this dump.
I grew up in DC and I love it. It's a great city with a unique personality and culture. The free museums are a fantastic educational resource and a must-see tourist destination. The public transportation is pretty reliable and connects most of the city. Eating out in the District is such a treat with so many options to choose from. The only downside is the gentrification/rising property values.
I love the diversity of this city and ease of finding something to do all throughout the area. I love being able to call home a city but also knowing there are plenty of parks, trails, waterfronts and outdoor activities that makes you forget you actually live in the city. My biggest recommendation for D.C is the amount of heavy construction that never seems to end. For a city so beautiful and full of life, a lot of times it gets clouded with construction sites.
Washington is everyone' city. Not only is it the Nation's Capital, where politicians and lawyers and lobbyists rub shoulders in the corridors of power, it is also the city of recent immigrants, the Vietnamese, Ethiopians, and South Americans, who each bring their food and culture to various neighborhoods, and it also the city for foodies with a burgeoning amazing food scene, and it is the city of historically black neighborhoods of beautiful old rowhouses. It is city of Smithsonian museums on just about anything, and inspiring monuments and memorials to the American identity and hope. Washington is the city of parks and nature trails and joggers and outdoor volleyball and pick-up baseball on the National Mall, where the sun sets over the great landmark, the Washington Monument, and if you are lucky, you might see Air Force One landing at Andrews Air Force base not too far away.
I love my city but there's a lot of things that have to change such as violence and police brutality but the one thing about this city is that every day you see something new
DC is a great city to go to college in! It is not too claustrophobic, as some other cities can be, and it is easy to find your way around town.
It can be amazing to live in DC but sometimes it can be overwhelming as a teen with the tourist. The housing is amazing here and people that visit generally want to stay here.
I love Washington, Dc. We are going through a gentrification period right now. The neighborhoods are changing drastically.
I like that everything is easy access, I don't like how high the homicide rate is. Depending on the ward Washington DC can be a hard hitting place to grow up.
Living in Washington, DC has its pros and cons. DC does not hold all of the best neighborhoods, but it breeds excellence. Moreover, DC provides future college students opportunities; scholarships. I would love for DC to stop gentrifying neighborhoods because it is draining the culture and history out of the city and making it way too expensive for people that look like me.
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My overall experience with Washington, D.C. is very neutral. Although D.C. is a place where it's heavily based on political standards, the city itself is sometimes a mess when it comes to inconsistencies in the educational system as well as the terrible traffic problems. Even though D.C. has its flaws, it still has some good aspects such as employment opportunities and many diverse activities to partake in. D.C. also consists of many ethnic backgrounds which makes it a good place to converse with people that you may have never met before. Overall, D.C. may not be the greatest place you could hope for but it's still a place where you can find some fulfillment to enjoy.
What I love about D.C., is the libraries such as; Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library and David Adjaye’s Francis A. Gregory Neighborhood Library are among the most notable. Plus, a fun fact about D.C. is in 2017, it became the globe’s first “LEED Platinum” city. Paris might have a climate accord, but it doesn’t have that.
I know the city very well. I lived here all my life. Everyone gets along very well most of the time. There are a lot of sights to see downtown and there is a lot of stuff to do .
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