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I moved here for work and I love it. It is easy to get around and stay active. Great opportunities in the healthcare field.
There is so much to do in DC! You have all aspects needed: historical, diplomatic, artistic, and the list keeps coming! You never stop learning about the city and meeting new places. The city is always clean, safe and friendly. Most stores are eco-friendly and people are very nice. The idea of walking around in the monuments as a normal day workout is surreal!
D.C. is beautiful small city that has changed drastically over the years. There is lot's to do, most free, some costly. There are many gems in D.C. that many don't know about. D.C. has the richest culture of any small city I've ever been to. Native Washingtonians know the real D.C.
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One of the best places to grow up hands down. Now that I've returned from college and come back to live it's gotten even better! I love the infrastructure changes and modifications that have really brightened this city up.
I like the easy transportation, nightlife, job opportunities, and all the constant events that happen in DC
I really live DC, because it very diverse. Everyday i would meet so many different people with such different backgrounds and its awesome. Also traveling around DC is very easy, compared to other cities/states,its very easy to commute anywhere around town.
Washington, D.C. is a nice city. Flourishing with great schools for our youth. We have companies giving back to our communities. I would say the city is a bit expensive but it's the nations capital what do you expect? I love the night life. There are a lot of fun places to go to with friends and chill. I recommend the cliff.
Washington DC, is indeed a young persons city. There are plenty of art exhibits in random small places throughout the entire city. The vibe in the city is definitely a nice one and there is a little bit of everything here. Traffic is kind of a pain but it is manageable. And there are a ton of cute small businesses everywhere that really help build the cities own personality. When it comes time for me to leave I will definitely be looking for a place with qualities just like DC.
I love the city. It's bustling people are what drive it forward. Apart from being the capital, there is a lot of access to multiple services and the culture is amazing! The home of Mambo Sauce and gogo? How much better can it get? Some things I would like to see changed would be the safety around the neighborhoods. There is a rise in crime and that is scary.
Great tourist city; plenty of events, museums, restaurants, monuments and other things to see and enjoy. Not as crowded as New York City, so good for people who like an urban environment without as much hustle and bustle. Gentrification has made it expensive to live in some areas of the city, while other areas remain rough.
Everything is walking distance. A lot of dog friendly communities so you will see dogs everyday. Communities are very well-kept. Weather is great majority of the time. Only thing is there are no beauty supply stores near and the tax is ridiculous. A lot of different food places to try.
I feel so good about Washington Dc because i feel its safe and the school system is good.Our teachers push us and you are also allowed to practice any religion you want.
What I like about DC is the culture and how you're able to connect with a lot of people through one individual. DC is very different place due to its size but it is able to stand out among popular cities.
I Love D.C and it has many great veiws and angle and things to see ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cyecfvr t brtseghrt
I love the diverse environment. I have lived in D.C. for the past 13 years and I wouldn't think of leaving. The only downfall is parking and the rate of crime.
What I like about DC are the diversity of each neighborhood and the variability of the activities and the cultures that are present in this city. I love that there isn't just the normal museums and monuments when you visit you can also do this like the Kennedy Center which has free shows every day also you can visit local restaurants with a wide range of choices. This place is truly extraordinary.
I like DC because I’m a dc native. It’s the city where you minutes away from the Washington monument, the museums are, and the birth of go go music was created.
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Washington D.C. is crowded and the traffic is horrific, but there is a massive amount of history and historical sights to see. I would recommend to visit at least once! Take the day to use public transportation and walk to get around. Everything is within a decent distance.
washington is a great place. its just a lot of hate going on and some people dont want to see others make it out.
Awesome.. I am a born, Washingtonism . I love DC and will never leave this area. My family and friends are here. I love this area. There is plenty of things to do in the city.
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