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I like how D.C is very diverse and historical. However, I don’t like the education and justice system.
DC is a boisterous city, and while there is never a dull moment here, there are challenges with living in this environment. DC is highly developed in some areas, where others especially in Northeast or Southeast DC are very underdeveloped. Multiple areas in South DC do not have a grocery store in their immediate proximity and have to take long commutes into North DC to eat. Not to mention health and public amenities such as roads, sidewalks, buildings, and more importantly, Hospitals are awful. However, that shouldn't take away from how great DC is. It is a historically rich area for African Americans, giving birth to Gogo. It has provided opportunities for my own family I couldn't even imagine possible in larger areas such as Maryland or Virginia. Everyone knows someone from every place in DC. While there are struggles within DC, it's such a tight-knit community that I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Washington Dc is a calmer new york, which I love and it's just fun to even drive around in. The neighborhood folks are incredibly nice as well as the street regulations being secure and this ensures my safety which I approve of.
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I love DC alot. Many people just come to see the Museum's ut DC is so much more than that. There is an undercurrent environment filled with the arts and diversity. DC is such a fun community to be around. You'll never be bored if you don't want to be. We have great sports, food, concerts, and random fun activities.
D.C. is an extremely unique place. Each smaller part of D.C. has its own culture and way of life. I love the diversity in D.C., however, I am not a big fan of the gentrification.
Washington D.C is really a nice place even though is a small nation capital, there's a lot of tourist who come to this small capital to see the great museums to see the history of our world, a local zoo to see the beautiful animals, the white house, and also the U.S capitol.
I wish it was safer for women to walk around the city at times. I've been followed and catcalled several times.
As the nation's capital, DC has plenty of the hot tourist attractions, however in the real residental areas there are clear divisions of the haves and have nots. Having been on both sides, I can clearly see the difference in services, police and emergency responses, and political and government commitment.

DC welcomes all, but If you have money, DC really WELCOMES you.
Like all cities, Washington D.C has its ups and downs. Overall I really enjoy it. The food is great, the sites are amazing, and the people are friendly. However, the traffic/roads are terrible, and it is pretty difficult to get around the city.
I have been living in Washington DC my entire life. I greatly appreciate how accessible historical monuments & museums are to me. As a result of these easily accessible resources (ex: Smithsonian Institution), I have been able to educate myself. To a tourist, DC may seem like the capital of the free world. Before COVID, my favorite memory of DC was going on walks & seeing street dancers dancing to our Go-Go music. Washingtonians have advocated for our culture an example is #DontMuteDC that began in my neighborhood a year ago.

Having said that there many underlying problems that need to be changed in DC. The first major issue that has affected me directly is gentrification. Four years ago my neighborhood was gentrified & I was forced to move to another part in DC. It's gone to the point where one-bedroom apartments are nearly $2000.On a lighter note, DC arguably has the most disappointing sports teams starting with the Washington Football Team previously known as the Redskins.
True Washingtonian. Born and raised. DC has changed before my 32 year old eyes. Much diversity, considered expensive but you can do everything in DC. A historical gem.
A lot of people think of DC as a buttoned up boring city but it has a thriving nightlife, an amazing theatre scene, great food, easy commutes, gorgeous public spaces, beautiful parks and monuments and more. DC is the first city I've ever called home and it will always have a piece of my heart.
the only bad thing I have to say about Washington DC is related to traffic and parking. However, the monuments, the diverse cultures, and the people are just amazing. The celebrations are a lot of fun and the food is to die for.
Washington D.C. is a seemingly cold and professional city where most people are heavily focused on their career and getting ahead in their field. When you take some time to really dive into the true cultural and social landscape of D.C., you'll quickly realize that Chocolate City is one of the best places to live. A city state that is rich in history, abundant of opportunities to better oneself, and has a great atmosphere. And the best part about DC? The incredible diversity of people who live in the city.
Washington D.C. is an area that provides a multitude of opportunities for all ages. There is a strong sense of community, diversity, and overall empowerment. Health and wellness take a center stage, from active individuals to the local farmer's markets. Although traffic can be irritating, the public transportation is some of the best in the nation, making commuting around the District a breeze. There is always something to do in the area, from volunteer work, supporting various causes, and visiting our nation's monuments and museums.
Amazing city filled with museums, amazing food and historical monuments. Great public transportation that can take you anywhere you need to be. The city is exciting, fast paced and you are bound to find your favorite corner there in no time.
I love that you can easily go places without a car because of public transportation and that there are many museums to visit. I also love the black culture in dc and it's sad to see it die out because of gentrification. Overall, when I was a child dc was perfect. As time has passed, living has become more expensive and there are more condo's taking up the whole city rather than landmarks and housing for original residents.
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Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia and also known as D.C. or Washington, is the capital city of the United States of America. Founded after the American Revolution as the seat of government of the newly independent country, Washington was named after George Washington, the first president of the United States and a Founding Father As the seat of the United States federal government and several international organizations, Washington is an important world political capital. Located on the Potomac River bordering Maryland and Virginia, the city is one of the most visited cities in the United States, with more than 20 million visitors annually.
In all D.C is getting more dangerous everyday. There are some places around town that are more safer than others but wherever you are you might feel unsafe. There is a lot of gentrification going on and some public housing locations are getting broke down when they are really needed because the cost to live in the district is very expensive.
I've lived in D.C my whole life (23 yrs). While it's not perfect it will always be home. I love the convenience of being able to get around with the metro system. Theirs always something to do (bars, museums, concerts, festivals). And you can find food of almost any culture here.
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