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There are lots of historical places to visit. Lots of many cultural places to visit, however that is soon changing with gentrification. The weather is not the greatest. The public transportation is also more of a hassle than a convenience.
I was born and raised here and still living i love my city plus there's a lot of things to do in DC too its a very big city.
I like that D.C. is free spirited and in the middle of everything. It has good food, nightlife, colleges, and the apartments are nice. I wish the apartments were more affordable, more healthy options for food was available, and traffic commutes were better.
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I've lived in DC since I was born and it's definitely a great place either to visit or live in. It is an artistic hotbed with its array of unique museums and other unorthodox but fascinating artistic experiences (such as Artechouse, a gallery that displays technology-based, interactive art). Its restaurants are unparalleled, especially in the Wharf, Georgetown, and Chinatown areas. Georgetown also hosts an amazing amount of stores perfect for anyone wanting to spend a day shopping. For history buffs, DC also offers a number of significant sites relating to the history of our country. For families with young kids, the zoo and Rock Creek Park provide places to play. Even the public transportation is great compared to other cities I've visited (though the metro is often slow on weekends). The main drawback is the high cost of living, and it's also worth noting that it's moderately hard to extract oneself from the politics-oriented environment if you live here for a while.
Im born and raised here and its grwat city but our mayor doesnt care about people thays her tone! She needs to do more for the black community for wards 7 and 8!
I love living in a city with so much history. Each neighborhood has its own unique atmosphere. There are definitely some drawbacks but overall I really enjoy the district.
I love DC! There are always many interesting cultural events and opportunities to learn. The only downside for young professionals is the high cost of living.
I love being able to walk everywhere and the variety of restaurants. People are politically active, which is fun too.
I like that there is ample public transportation. If you want to hang out on the weekends there are plenty of hot spots to go to such as the H Street Corridor in NE. U Street Corridor in NW, and Georgetown. I like that, for the most part, the people are friendly. What I don't like are the housing cost are way too high. Affordable housing is hard to find and when you do find it it's not in the best areas of the city. I don't like that there are so many homeless, including children when there are so many areas of vacant housing.
Washington, DC is very political. All of government is here but there are plenty of job opportunities. The night life scene is really good. there are so many options to choose from. its family friendly even if you decide to go in the nearby cities or states like Maryland and Virginia, there is always something for children and pets. Summer time, DC is filled with a lot of tourist so foot traffic gets bad.
What I like about Washington D.C. is it a small city and will make strong and heartless.You will take many loses as a kid because of the hature and losing family and friends.The good part about washington dc is we as a city have alot of talent we just don't work as bad as we want to breathe.We try to take short cuts to become great.
When looking at the map of Washington D.C., pentagrams made of diagonally converging streets emerge. Did the architect intend to hide sacred geometry within the streets of the nation's capital? I'm eager to learn its secrets.
I love the variety of activities to engage in! DC is far more than just politics. Diverse cuisine, family friendly , various cultures and so much more.
Washington DC serves you different aspects of life. The diversity is out the books. have lived here the majority of my life and I am happy with my city. I want everyone in my city to explore and admire other cultures even though we are the capital.
The attractions have great history! Definitely an early 30's early 40's city. Plenty of place to eat and see. The traffic is my only concern. Traffic is always tight. not sure if creating more roads or allowing laws to limit vehicle access. Regardless, if you like waiting on a highway for 45 minutes to drive 3.5 miles then be my guest! Capital of the country- still pretty remarkable!
I love being in DC because of all the different things there are to do. It's a piece of history and always has something interesting going on. DC has something for everyone. There are nice parks, good restaurants, fun clubs, and every museum you could think of.
It's a really interesting place to live. Lots going on. It has a lot of problems including gentrification and economic inequality, but overall a pretty nice place.
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Transportation is very easy to access, lots of stores for necessities and restaurants to eat at, its everywhere. Gentrification have change a lot of the areas between Shaw- Howard and Mount Vernon neighborhood. The numbers of homeless have gone down. At night, its pretty calm and quite.
I want stores to be open later, as well as have more free options for those under 21. It is really frustrating as a college student to deal with so many overpriced items.
I love waking up riding the train to school. it gives me a nice of independence. it makes me feel like I'm growing upend taking on responsibility's I love it.
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