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Washington Court House is a tight-knit community with little diversity. While the downtown services have been trying to provide services and events, I feel as if more can be done in this city as far as education, public services and city events are concerned. There is a major drug epidemic.
It's a small town that is trying to grow larger. It's about an hour drive from several different cities and various entertainments. The community has not been very connected in the past but many citizens and business owners have been trying to change this.
I overall enjoy Washington Court House. It is a nice small town and was a good place to grow up. The town has grown in the past few years and has gotten more options for restaurants and shopping. I had a great experience with the Miami Trace School District and enjoyed my time there. However, Court House has recently struggled with the drug epidemic. The people of Court House need to get help, but most cannot afford it. Court House needs some more options to help those in need. Overall, Court House is a great place, but just needs more services.
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Washington Court House has been my home all my life. There isn't much to do here, but people are friendly and our community really helps one another out in times of need. We have our problems, but so does everyone's home town. Our city school district is great.
Washington Court House is very clean. One big downside is that the kids don't have much to do there is one main park, the pool is gone, there is bowling, there is roller skating, and that is about it. They don't have a movie theater or anything like a big hangout spot. The closest movie theater is about 30 minutes away in Wilmington.
I have lived in Washington CH all my life. It is a very nice place to live and raise a family. The thing I would like to see change would be to have jobs in the area. We need to have more jobs brought into the area.
Small town with 2 nearby car part manufacturer. Less than 10 restaurants and Walmart and Kroger as your primary places to shop at.
Great small town! Everyone is friendly and looks out for each other. There is an ongoing drug problem, however, but everyone but the druggies are nice.
Washington Court House, Ohio is a small town with lots to do. We have small mom and pop shops, a clothing store, craft store, and few grocery stores, we also have some major warehouses here. Washington Court House has a few street fairs and festivals, through out the year. Lots to do with children here as well.
I have lived in Washington Court House for many years. The community has its flaws, but it also has its good things. I love the number of churches in the town.
Drugs are probably the most common crime, but those people don't cause issues with others. Drug addicts are mostly what fill our jail, and although it's sad, it's not much of a threat.
The people are generally friendly, There's not much to do in town. It's only about a 15 minute drive to the mall. There are good and bad parts of town just like any. The houses are mostly nice and kept up, the roads are maintained. I believe this area could grow significantly as the industrial park continues to grow and offer more jobs.
There is a drug problem in Washington Court House Ohio. There has been a rise in heroin usage over the years, but it seems to be getting better with current law enforcement. I work at a local kroger store and have witnessed a variety of drug busts and arrests due to other crimes committed around the area. The police here are very responsive, and do their jobs really well. The crime rate i believe is getting better overall. The police are always visible, and are always patrolling around.
It's great for the small town that it is. We do have a drug problem in town with a variety of residents, but this is getting better. There are many places to eat out each day, and more businesses are moving into the area. There isn't very much to do, but with what we have, we make the best of it. It's still a great place to grow up, and I enjoyed growing up in the atmosphere that Washington Court House Ohio created. It is predominately an older age group residing here, and seems to be more of a retirement town in general. Overall it's a great place to be, and the public schools are fairly great. I see a brighter, and better future for this little town in Ohio, and hope to see it grow even more.
Good Area to live. I think this Area will stay a good place to live.
There was a huge happiness when wal-mart and Tim Horton's came to town. We do not have a movie theater and only two restaurants that are not fast food. We have to drive at least 30 minutes to do anything. People that like it here are the people that hold some form of power.
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There are neighborhoods that are very nice and neighborhoods that are really bad, not much in between. You are either rich or considered poor, depending on what neighborhood you live in. It is actually very sad and it is like this because the town is just too small.
Other than a few in the department, the police are either related to everyone in town or friends with everyone so not much gets done around town. They have a uniform on but just to have it on and the power it gives them. The handful that are great can not do it all.
It is a very small town, businesses are closing, everyone knows everyone, there is a heroine epidemic and the jail is too small to hold them all so they go right back out on the street.
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