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Wasco is a very small town with a tight knit community of Hispanic families. It is full of culture and is welcoming for the most part. There is two main streets dedicated to businesses so there is not much to do here. Since the town is small it is very easy to just walk anywhere you need to go. The high school and town prides itself in its academics and sports. I like the peaceful aspect of the town but it is also very boring.
It is a small town with a population of only 25,545 people as of 2017. It is quiet, and has various churches throughout the town. There is a lot of local and successful mom and pop businesses that are of good quality and service. People are friendly. There is also a bus service that runs through town that takes you to Bakersfield if you cannot reach the city through any other means.
Wasco is a small town which makes for a close knit family feel. Everyone is very friendly and during football season everyone is at the high school supporting the team. The people, whether strangers or not will go out of harms way to help one another when help is needed. The teachers in each school are very caring for their students and want the best for them.
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Wasco is a small family based community town. This town is mellow surrounded and founded by small businesses. This town has increased in population in the past couple years and new name brand businesses have opened recently and will be coming to town. Commute time within town is no more than five minutes to destination. Wasco is surrounded by agricultural. The closes biggest town for shopping and entertainment is about a 30 min drive. Most of the residents are born and raised here and raise their families here. The closes college and university is a 30 min drive. Wasco is a nice place to live.
I like that it is a small community with tons of sprites , and our high school is a really great place full of pride and hope.
Wasco is a small town located in Kern county. It is a nice place to raise children. However there is no night life and people who live here tend to live here for decades.
Wasco is a small and clam town with a great atmosphere to live. Wasco is a nice and quiet town to raise a family. The town isn’t too big nor small. During th holidays Wasco is a great and peaceful place to spend the holidays with family members and have a wonderful holidays experience. Their are also varies of restaurants to dine. Overall Wasco was a outstanding town to be raise.
It is a nice friendly community. It is a diverse community. There are no real job opportunities here. Real estate here is too expensive.
It certainly lives by its motto, "it's a great place to live". I love the area and would not change much about it.
Wasco is a small farming based town. It is a very slow paced and family friendly place to be. However, I do wish for this town to grow. I would love to see a greater variety of housing, healthy eating chains, and even a few more major corporate stores.
It's nothing big, but it's a peaceful town. If getting away from the curry is your plan go to Wasco!.
I grew up in a small town, so I really like that Wasco is very convenient. I also love the schools and look forward to when my kids get ready for high school.
It is a quiet town, which is pleasant. The high school has made some impressive improvements for education and the campus. The school now has room for more students in Advanced Placement classes because it has more classrooms. The roads on the other hand do need some work. Fortunately, it seems that the town is finally fixing the roads. However, there is not much by way of entertainment. I hear we used to have a theater, but it was tore down a long time ago. We have a Wal-mart now.
What i like about Wasco is that it's a friendly little town in the Kern County area. Everything is at a walking distance & it is town where you get to know your neighbors by their name and not only as the people next door. The one thing this town needs is entertainment such as a movie theater or sports complex, to give individuals a variety of choices for entertainment.
Wasco is a city in the San Joaquin Valley, in Kern County, California, United States. Wasco is located 24 miles northwest of Bakersfield.Population in 2013 was 25,945.We are in a drought, with limited water and few jobs. Fast food, retail and agriculture. The majority of the people are Hispanic. That being said there is a taco stand literally on every corner. Feels like you're in Mexico. Only with clean water.
Wasco is a great little town that is a great place to grow up in. Everything is in walking distance. If you want to visit a bigger city Bakersfield is a short 30 minutes way.
I love living in this area. I feel very safe living here and this town is always peaceful and calm. The education system here is excellent. The schools and teachers are great and I had a wonderful experience attending the schools here. I would definitely want to live here for a very long time.
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The crime is not really bad. There is a fair amount of break-ins. Some drive bys and stabbings but not too often.
There are quite a few crimes in this area depending on where one chooses to live. There is one street in particular that always happens to have the most crimes. Most of the crimes that occur are stolen vehicles and breaking and entering.
This area is a good place to live. I would definitely choose to move back simply because it's where my family is. Other than my family being there, I wouldn't be so keen on staying there because there aren't many job opportunities there. The people are great but there are a quite a bit of people that have chosen to go down the wrong path. Now there are more stores opening up and restaurants as well. I think in the future, this area will be able to offer more jobs.
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