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There's not a ton to do, but it's safe and the schools are great. Great place to raise a family. There are plenty of stores and restaurants and we're mere minutes away from Doylestown, which has some great eateries and shops.
Some newer neighborhoods contain houses that all look the same. Older houses have more variety. Most are nice though
Certain neighborhoods have a lot of elders who do not talk much. There are many neighborhoods with kids. These have a great sense of community and they are safe. Everyone knows each other in this town
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Most of the housing is well kept and lived in. Many new developments are in the process of being built as of late.
People come out to support each other at any number of events.
It is somewhat buddy, buddy system. Not very professional.
Lititz is a decent area, however there is not much to do.
There is little to no crime.
The area has a low crime rate with a generally friendly atmosphere.
The police are visible and active in the community. I feel safe living here.
Lititz is a great small town. There are lots of stores, businesses, parks, and things to do. We have a good school system. We are close to Lancaster, and an easy drive to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. There are a lot of history and cultural activities here.
In Pennsylvania there are many Dutch traditions, making the food good. The Amish supply local products for cooking and this activity generates a good family time. All of the families in my town know of each other and most are friends. It is impossible to go on to main street and not see someone you know. Besides hanging out at the restaurants, there are a few hiking/swimming places that are fun to take on with friends, but get old after a while. I would live here again because I like the people. I believe this area is very conservative in comparison to the rest of the country. Since Lititz was voted the coolest small town in America most tourist attractions will probably be built through out the town in the future. I like the atmosphere of Lititz!
Home town feel and friendly neighbors are what make it great!
I love living in Lititz. The people are so nice and it's a safe little town for families. The schools are excellent and the town has a lot of history in it. It was also voted coolest small town in America last year. There are many things to do including many activities such as second Friday and shopping in the little stores in downtown Lititz. There are also fireworks and activities in Lititz Springs park for the Fourth of July. I would definitely choose to live here if I could do it all over again.
It is great if you are a kid. Lititz is a small town, and by 9 o'clock, everything is dead. No one goes out late, and the mall even closes at 9. However, there are a variety of restaurants to go to.
There is also a job available in the area. It may not be what you want, or they may only pay minimum wage. I try to keep an open mind when I get a new job. Nothing is perfect, but over time, you learn to like it.
There are multiple mom-and-pop stores along main street. Also, on the weekends during spring and summer, there are farmers markets where one can buy fresh fruit and vegetables. My favorite store used to be Creativity. Just as the name suggests, it was a more artsy store. They had beautiful glass jewelry, and they made wallets and purses out of recycled material. Unfortunately, they had to close. It is hard to run a business on Main Street. Many business end up closing because they can not afford it. Personally, I love the little shops, however I still have to go somewhere else to get everything I need.
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There are some blizzards and flooding, but nothing deadly.
The housing is very nice and people are always friendly.
They are good with keeping crime down and also preventing
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