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I do not think I have ever actually seen an abandoned property in warminster itself. There are a few abandoned places nearby in Chalfont and other townships, but not actually in Warminster. The cost of housing is what I believe to be average for a suburban area. There are multiple options for apartments and many options for houses ranging from large to small. Overall, I think the housing in this area is rather nice and inclusive of many different options.
In my town I have had the same neighbors since I moved here when I was little with my parents. My mom grew up in Warminster as well and still knows almost every single person on our street and the streets close by. My neighbors will always wave and possibly stop to talk if they can when passing by. Everybody is very pet friendly, we have three dogs ourselves as well as a few other pets such as rabbits. Most of our neighbors also have pets, mostly being dogs but cats are present as well as small animals. There are not a lot of community events that we here about or that my neighbors attend. However, the lack of events does not stop everyone from getting to know their neighbors. People tend to come to Warminster and stay here because it is such a nice area with such friendly people.
Honestly, I have little experience with crime or police because I have never gotten into trouble and have only needed them once in the past. Based on my experience and what I hear from the news I can say that it seems like this area is pretty good with crime and safety. I am a relatively small female and I go places alone all of the time during all times of the day and night and have never feared for my safety anywhere. I feel very safe in Warminster and there are multiple police stations for Warminster and the adjacent townships all within a few minutes of my own home. I can not honestly say the crime and safety is great or the best because I do not have enough knowledge on the subject, but I know based on how other parts of the country are that Warminster is a pretty safe area with relatively low crime. All parts of the country have crime and issues, but in comparison to what happens in other parts of the country and other parts of Pennsylvania that Warminster is pretty decent. I think the police do a pretty good job of keeping the area safe for people and there really aren't a large amount of serious crimes that occur here.
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I would choose to live here again and there is a possibility that this is the area I will continue to live in when I get older. Warminster and the surrounding areas are all great. I personally am not a fan of the city, so this area is perfect. It has shopping and fun places to go to, but it also has a lot of nature and active outdoor possibilities near by. There's many different parks close by that are great for relaxing and hanging out. The people in the area are all generally very friendly. Although the weather is not the best in the winter, that is not something that will ever change, but this area in the fall and spring is beautiful. The scenery available to see in many different places is beautiful all year round and makes the cold winter weather worth it. I have been to many different and also beautiful places, including Florida, Hawaii, and even South Korea. Hawaii is known to be a great place to go and live in and many people feel the same about Florida, but I personally still would choose Warminster over either of those places. This area has a comfortable atmosphere that is not something I would want to give up.
For the most part, Jamison is pretty safe. Violent crimes are rare. The most common type of crime is drug and alcohol related.
The weather is pretty normal for a town in PA. Summers are really hot, winters are freezing cold, springs are rainy and fall is cool.
There are a few options like Outback Steakhouse, Applebee's and Uno's. You'd have to drive at least 15 minutes to get to anything classier.
There aren't a whole lot of businesses in the area. Most people my age end up working minimum wage jobs at fast food restaurants.
There are a lot of good restaurants around here from Indian food to Tapas but they are generally pretty expensive and more geared towards fine dining.
It's hard to find a job sometimes but as a teen I would have to say it's easy since many stores look for cheap labor.
I love the local businesses. I definitely support local businesses as opposed to corporations. The people at our family owned coffee shops are much nicer than those at the corporations such as Starbucks.
There is a lot of variety from neighborhood to neighborhood. There are a lot of nice houses to choose from but the prices are high.
The roads are the worst part right now. They are working on them now but the potholes are the worst and they never seem to get better
I think for the most part crime is low in this area. But because there are so many people living here we do get the occasional Meth Lab or Rampage Shooting.
We do get extremes here but for the most part the weather is good.
I dont think this area is growing when it comes to jobs. It doesnt seem to bring many new people into the area.
There are so many different and good restaurants in the area. I like to try a new one every time I go out.
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I like going to CVS and Giant a lot. The restaurants I go to a lot are the Pour House, Randazzos and Wild Ginger. I would highly recommend these places to anyone.
Our community has several parks for us to enjoy and we have 1,000's of acres of preserved farm land that adds to the beauty of it.
The roads in our area are horrible especially after the hard winter months. My family has to constantly call the township to come and plow our road. Our fireman and police answer calls in a timely manner. My family has had to call 911 several times for medical emergencies and they have come very quickly.
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