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A great neighboorhood to be in because everyone is friendly and kind. There are many local areas to visit by foot and an overall blast.
This is a small town that doesn't have a ton in it but it is within an hour or two of some very key things like big malls, the city, and the beach. It has a very good school system and a very friendly community.
As a current High School Senior, I can proudly say my 15 years in Warwick have been excellent. I love this little town. I feel so safe wherever I go and I am happy to say that.
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Warwick is a beautiful place. Safe and filled with mixed people - some are just so sweet, some can be not so sweet, some will be your best friends... it's just your regular, small town. Warwick has a small town where you can hang out with your friends. The best parts of Warwick would have to be C&D Bagels and Safety. The worst part of Warwick would be the lack of nightlife and affordability. According to me, Warwick is between Rural and Sub Urban. We don't have a mall nearby which is kind of bad. We have local boutiques, local restaurants and brands like CVS, Burger King, and Dunkin Donuts. The weather here is awesome - we have beautiful winters, colorful spring, fun summers, and lovely fall. Each season can be prominently spotted - that's for sure!
I have lived in Warwick since the day I was born. It is in a very convenient location only about 45 minutes north of NYC. It is located near ski slopes fro the winter, and water parks and lakes during the summer months. Within the town of Warwick, there is a great sense of community. The town is filled with small family owned business and has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from! Overall its a great place for people of all ages!
Warwick is a great little town. Schools are great. It is a tight knit community where people come together for many events.
Great community and adorable town. Excellent schools. Communities for all ages ,retirement,young families as well as teens! Fun restaurants,apples orchards, so many great for all seasons !
Warwick is a lovely town close to NYC. School systems are great and it has a wonderful small town feel.
its a quaint little town, with mom & pop stores, lined with friendly local owned stores & restaurants, i hope it stays the way it is, its a great fun town to visit
Warwick is a wonderful, small and historic town located in the Hudson Valley. It is within driving distance from New York and makes for a great day trip from the hustle and bustle of the city. The town is a collection of locally owned shops and restaurants that avoids generally recognized chain stores and eateries to provide a one of a kind experience. This 1700's town is full of colonial and victorian architecture that is tended to with love and commitment. The town prides itself on it's diversity and acceptance of everyone. The downtown area of Warwick is alive with arts and culture. There are numerous restaurants with flavors from around the world and one can get lost in the multiple art galleries and craft shops filled with unique creations from local artists. The area around Warwick is farmland, providing some of the freshest produce, dairy products, and beverages one can get. Warwick is an essential stop for those who are traveling through New York.
This is a small town that stays busy. The people are extremely nice and welcoming. There is also things to keep you busy and enjoy.
Warwick is a small town with apple orchards, hiking trails, historical buildings, delicious places to eat, and more. It is a beautiful town and I am glad to have grown up here!
Never have a worry in this small friendly town about crime.
Its a wonderful area with the best of both worlds; charming small town with lots to do and scenic sights to see while being far enough away from all the chaos brought by the city life but still close enough to NYC to have a wonderful get away and enjoy the action and wonderful restaurants and stores for a day or even a weekend.
There are always some roads that need to be fixed after New York winters, but our transportation department is usually reliable. Many country roads are not well-lit at night, and many roads do not have sidewalks or bike lanes. Closer to downtown and within town, the roads are much safer.
I have always enjoyed my life in Warwick. There is a lot of community support for music and the arts, and there are many educational opportunities. Warwick is a tight-knit community with beautiful scenery and four gorgeous seasons. It is at its prime in autumn, when the apple orchards attract visitors from miles around.
It was nice growing up here but not a lot to do and not a fan of winters
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Minimal crime in the area.
So blessed to live in such a beautiful area.
Mose houses are in pretty good shape.
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