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I love Warwick. I've lived here all my life and there isn't anything I would change. The beaches and Providence are close by and easy to get to. There are many beautiful scenes here. Most are friendly.
Above Average or Good. Good area, decent amount of things to do, okay school system, and good scenery.
I recently moved to Warwick and have had a pleasant experience with the town so far. I live in an apartment building and find rent to be reasonable. I enjoy the resources that the town provides and find that there are plenty of things to do here. The commute time is great, being close to the major highways and to the city. I feel safe in the community.
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Warwick is more open minded than a small town and easier going, but it would be nice if it had more nightlife to offer.
it takes me about 30mins to get to the highway.. not in rush hour.. other than that it's a pretty good area mostly middle class.
Warwick is a good place to live there are parts that feel like the county and others like the city. There are not many crimes that are committed here. I have grown up here my whole life and enjoy it
I’ve lived in the same place all my life; always liked it! I’m close to the airport which can be exciting to see the planes so often but it can also damage houses over time .
Warwick is your average suburban town. Nothing too too crazy goes on and it’s a fairly decent place to live.
My town of warwick has beautiful local beaches. My town also came together when my apt building was burned down 3 yrs ago and helped us in our time in need. This town also has some very wonderful schools!
I love that there are multiple beaches to cool off and have fun.Cominicut park beach.Oaklawn Beach and now i just discovered City park beach playground.Family friendly Village park playground and Immposible Dream playground that is for everyone handicapped or not.Great medical centers.great restaurants.A great place to live and raise a family.
It's overall been a wonderful experience. Parts of the city are rundown but the people are great. It's a great community and is very friendly.
Warwick is well knit, close community where everyone knows everyone. You will find people who know each other at local bars and restaurants in historic Pawtucket village.
I love the city of Warwick, I am originally from a different town but have lived there for the last 6 years and love it. It is a family friendly city. The schools are great, and the local beaches are nice in the summer. Somethings i would like to see change would be better road conditions.
I live in oakland beach and the people here are really extra. the police are always around but nothing ever ends up getting done or getting better. the streets are terrible, everything is broken, and there is trash everywhere you turn.
Warwick is a nice small town, easy to travel around in and constantly meet people through people you already know. However the school system I would like to see improve. As a student I seen the school committee consolidate my school, remove all signs of school spirit, and spend money on useless things such as doorstoppers.
I liked the closeness of all stores. Warwick can sometimes be very dirty and poorly taken care of. Highway's and streets are a very big problem as well, they ruin your car. Weather here is okay.
Warwick is a nice town, close to water, overall safe, decent restaurants, close to shopping areas, nice public libraries, etc
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Warwick is a great city with a great community and school system. There are a large variety of restaurants and shops, and most places are within 10-15 minutes.
I like the community in the city of Warwick. Everybody knows everybody, or at least knows someone who knows someone else. Warwick works hard to ensure improvements are being made constantly, and the people love coming together for causes to support our community.
From shopping malls to restaurants to the family friendly neighborhoods, Warwick, Rhode Island always has something for everyone.
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