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I am on the border of Warwick closest to Cranston (around the Norwood and Pilgrim Park area) and all I can say is that, it needs work. My neighborhood is pretty busy but many things have happened. Fences are broken, houses are not getting enough fixing. There is a lot to say, but im going to keep it simple. If you are going to plan to buy a house in the North Part of Warwick, don't. It's noisy, destroyed, and overall bad environment.
I like how I live in a close village so I can walk too. My friends and family live just a few minutes away. I could easily walk to my school. Warwick has a lot of places you can go to.
Warwick is a nice and quiet suburban city outside of Providence. I grew up in Warwick and attended public school from pre-K to about 9th grade. It is racially very NOT diverse as it consists of mostly white residents. The educational caliber of the public schools in Warwick have gone drastically down since my older brother had attended high school here. Lots of the more reputable instructors have already retired. The city's school administration is not doing too great either as they have suggested refusing hot lunches to students who owe any sort of lunch debt.
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Warwick is an engaging community that offers many different jobs and activities to connect many members of the community. The schooling system, however, undergoes much drama including threats to cut out sports, lack of cleanliness, and constant technical problems. This is a very family-friendly community.
Warwick is a safe and family friendly city. We don’t have much nightlife but you are always minutes away from the water. All stores you need to get to are no more than a 15-20 min drive.
I love that Warwick is a quite safe environment in my community! Neighbors are very friendly. School system are good just a little more improvement but not to bad. Taxes are cheaper for first time home owner, also insurance rates aren’t that high compare to other city’s.
Warwick is a great place to live. There is minimal crime and the school district is very good. There isn't much night life there, but Rhode Island is small enough that if you drive a very short distance youll find something fun. Everything is close together and easy to get too. Lots of traffic
Warwick is an inner ring suburb of Providence and is very busy. There are a lot of places for dining and it is very close only 10-15 minutes into the city. The positives are it has a very varied housing stock from older historic homes to large newer homes. I don't know too much about the schools I hear they are average at best. It is very close to the bay 10-15mins and 20-30 mins to the ocean. Being so close to Providence we have excellent access to museums, restaurants and theater plus Roger Williams Park and zoo. Overall it is a nice suburb a bit crowded but very convenient to all that Providence/Rhode Island has to offer.
A pretty major city in Rhode Island. Plenty of good restaurants, beaches, stores, one community college location, and the Warwick mall. Whatever you want, you can probably find it here.
In Warwick, I like how everything is close to each other, such as stores and restaurants. However, change needs to occur within the Warwick school department. As of right now, clubs and athletics have been cut, in addition to textbooks for math. On top of that, they have cut the funding for chrome books, a vital instrument that we used frequently while I attended Warwick Public Schools.
This town has a lot to do. Whether that be by going to Iggy's for clam chowder to late night football games, it's a very family based town. I have loved living so close to an ocean which is a perk for this small town--it takes 10 to 15 minutes to travel to the closest beach. I truly believe this a good place to live if you are just starting out a family or want to be close to family. I wouldn't suggest it if you are just graduating from college or want to live by yourself.
Large item recycling pick-up is the best. Ain't happening in Providence. I also really enjoy Pawtuxet Village.
This is an amazing city to live in. To the amazing parks we have around the waters to our own mall with whatever you could buy. We have the best seafood restaurants around for example, the well known Iggy's restaurant set right on the water. They also have their annual doughboy dash to help fight the battle of ALS. Warwick has a thriving family community with plenty of recreational sports around town.
Warwick is a close-knit community with lots of local attractions and restaurants. I especially enjoy its proximity to the ocean and bay.
Public schools need to be better run; location on the water and near the highway is ideal; housing is nice and relatively affordable; perfect for families; nightlife is lacking; living healthy is easy as a gym is no more than ten minutes from any house.
For the past seven years, I have lived in Warwick with my aunt and uncle, who adopted me after the loss of my parents. Since then, I have learned much about the town and all that it has to offer. I am currently a part of its public school system, which is not the best, but still is much better than many others have been. There is much around the city to do, such as the Warwick Mall and the Route 2 area, both of which are very popular with the local crowd. Overall, Warwick is a very worthwhile town that I am very happy to have spent so much time in.
Warwick has a lot to offer its residents. From City Park to Oakland Beach, restaurants and shopping malls, there is a lot to do to keep entertained. However, many areas in Warwick are extremely busy and there is a lot of traffic all around.
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Warwick is a good place to live and has good people. I have lived here since I was 6 months old and I'm glad about that.
I love Warwick. I've lived here all my life and there isn't anything I would change. The beaches and Providence are close by and easy to get to. There are many beautiful scenes here. Most are friendly.
Above Average or Good. Good area, decent amount of things to do, okay school system, and good scenery.
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