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Warwick is a nice small town, easy to travel around in and constantly meet people through people you already know. However the school system I would like to see improve. As a student I seen the school committee consolidate my school, remove all signs of school spirit, and spend money on useless things such as doorstoppers.
I liked the closeness of all stores. Warwick can sometimes be very dirty and poorly taken care of. Highway's and streets are a very big problem as well, they ruin your car. Weather here is okay.
Warwick is a nice town, close to water, overall safe, decent restaurants, close to shopping areas, nice public libraries, etc
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Warwick is a great city with a great community and school system. There are a large variety of restaurants and shops, and most places are within 10-15 minutes.
I like the community in the city of Warwick. Everybody knows everybody, or at least knows someone who knows someone else. Warwick works hard to ensure improvements are being made constantly, and the people love coming together for causes to support our community.
From shopping malls to restaurants to the family friendly neighborhoods, Warwick, Rhode Island always has something for everyone.
Warwick, RI is a family friendly town! I have lived here all my life, attended public schools, and worked in Warwick.
Lived here my whole life and have never had a single complaint. There is great food, great people, and great fun. Never have I wanted to move away from here, all of my family lives here and they always have.
Having grown up in Warwick, I've dealt with the public schools, job availability, housing market, and more. Warwick is a good place to start and grow your family, although the public schools could use work. The city is safe and somewhere where everyone knows everyone.
Warwick is a quite, safe and serene city. It is very nature friendly and it contains several parks, beaches and places to hike. Community college of Rhode Island's main Campus (Knight Campus) is located in Warwick.
The night life is almost non-existent, and for that one needs to dive about twenty minutes to Providence.
I love that everything in Warwick is extremely close, whether its the mall, Walmart, gas station, ect. Our schools are not great, depending on what area of Warwick you are in. However, your children will certainly learn a lot both in the real world and at school while here in Warwick.
There are plenty of things to do around Warwick and keep you busy. Plenty of friendly neighbors too. I liked the public schools in Warwick.
I've lived in Warwick my whole life, everything is close by, there's always somewhere to go. It's fun to drive around and see all the restaurants and stores.
Warwick is a perfectly fine town. It has everything you'll need within a reasonable distance. The property tax isn't too high compared to nearby neighborhoods. The only downside is there is not much to do for entertainment. Luckily Providence is pretty easy to get to.
Low crime, friendly people and great restaurants! Plenty to do for adults and children alike. Our local airport has recently gone international.
Growing up in Warwick, I felt i had many opportunities thrown my way to grow and learn new things. I enjoy where i live to this day and my neighbors and helpful and very inviting. School life went very well and teachers were more than helpful. So many things went well for me here in Warwick and hopefully they can continue as i continue to live here.
Amazing city, centrally located, one of the safest in America, high standard of living while maintaining affordability. Scandal-free, stable government with good schools. Also, Warwick has an International airport and commuter rail to Boston.
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Warwick is a large city- it has about 80,000 residents. It isn't a very great place to visit, but it is a very nice place to live. The public schools are good, but the administration is terrible. The private schools are a much better way to go, if you have the money. Housing is affordable, as well. Traffic is rarely ever a problem, and it's easy to get around.
Warwick is a very safe and friendly city. It is also a very clam family friendly environment. There is not much "night life", hence keeping the town safe and quiet at all hours.
This is the town that I grew up in most of my life. Its a small town and the people are so friendly and the pizza places are family owned and out of this world.
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