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I love that its a small town. But I hate the fact that the drug use is at an all time high. If i could change 1 thing it would be to provide more help for these addicts.
I have lived in Warsaw, Indiana for a little over 2 years now. Overall, it is pretty good. The schools seem to be pretty nice and most people, too. Some of the railroad tracks are not done well and make for a very bumpy ride when driven over. They seem to work on the railroad tracks just about every year, but they never seem to get better. Downtown is fairly easy to get around because it is just a grid. There does not seem to be a lot of crime so people just walk all over downtown. There are also some really nice parks and gardens. There are also lots of lakes.
Warsaw is a decent town, with lots of career opportunities in the orthopedic industry, and is growing more and more every day. Lots of shopping and several good places to eat, and the schools are very good.
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Warsaw is a town on the rise. The public schools are phenomenal and the services are adequate. It is know for orthopedics, so our orthopedic services are great. There are many options and opportunities for young adults and teenagers to get a foot in the door through jobs, internships and very helpful school counselors in our schools.
Warsaw is an excellent place to settle down and raise a family. There are excellent job opportunities, great public schools, and an engaged community.
What I like about Warsaw is that it has recently been growing like crazy! It is a great place to settle down and start a family while it is growing with new companies and restaurants. Warsaw has both the wealthy and not so wealthy sides. Overall everyone is friendly and is nice!
This town is an amazing Christian community! It has been a wonderful place to grow up in, and I feel loved by the members of the community. Everyone is supportive of each other, and the bonds you form here are ones that can last a lifetime.
Warsaw is a very upcoming city. It's demographics are very pleasing and there is always a sense of tru community with its various activities such as First Fridays which is held on every introductory Friday of each month celebrates the town with games, concerts, and food. Warsaw holds great to their values of community and loyalty.
Warsaw is an amazing family town to grow up in. From the Greenway trails to all the lake life we take pride in our fun, outdoor lifestyle. We are also a smaller community so everyone knows everybody which can be seen as a positive or a negative!
Warsaw is the town that I grew up in. It has been steadily growing and becoming diversified. I would like to see a steakhouse come to Warsaw.
Warsaw is a nice medium sized town with a diverse group of shops and parks that is very welcoming. There are also great job opportunities within the orthopedic industries
I have been a resident of Warsaw, IN for over 42 years. Our city is home to 3 lakes that are located in town. Our town offers numerous events that are family friendly, and small businesses are continuing to come back and our downtown continues to grow.
It's a town that is rapidly growing and continues to see added change with restaurants, businesses, and people. There is something for everyone here!
There really isn't a whole lot to do around here. A big town but nothing exciting. About 1 hour from south bend and 50 mins from Fort Wayne. Indiana in general isn't very pretty either.
Warsaw is an okay town there isn't much to do other than bowling and going to the movies. The town for the most part is religious.
I love Warsaw and have lived here my entire life. We are a small city, but we have the feeling of a small town. There are multiple trials for walking, and we are working on making our streets more bike friendly. There are some major orthopedic companies in town, so we do get people moving here for work, but there are families who have lived here for generations. We are very closely connected with Winona Lake, Indiana and our school system serves a wide range of communities. We have been growing in diversity the last couple of years, but still are not extremely diverse. Our downtown is small, but we have some very nice shops and restaurants, especially in the Village of Winona.
I could see this area as a great place to raise a family- it's very safe and there are plenty of things for kids to do. However, the entire area is very conservative and sometimes people are not very welcoming of people who don't share their views.
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Our sheriff was recently arrested for multiple felonies.
I love the atmosphere of Warsaw/Winona Lake. Winona Lake is such a quaint lake village, while Warsaw provides the small town feel.
It can be a bit pricey, but most places are gorgeous
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