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There is many places to eat. Its small now but it is growing. Slowly but surely. We recently just built a shnucks. Also we got a new overpass that leads to our outlet mall that is gonna grow into something great in the future. Our population is growing.
I like that Warrenton is a small town with a great community. In addition, I have lived here all my life so Its all I've ever known
I have lived in Warrenton for 16 years now. I love this town. It's perfect for those not wanting to live in a busy city or a super excluded small town. Warrenton is less than 20 mintues away from any popular stores or restaurants. However if I could change anything about Warrenton, I would make more businesses and activities for the kids to do to so they stay out of any mischief. This town is very connected. Almost everyone knows eachother and if you don't know them, you know OF them. Every town has their rough patches but warrenton has some beautiful housing and land everywhere with amazing, down to earth folk.
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I have not experienced any crimes or dealt with safety issues in the time I have lived here.
Warrenton is a small town with little crime rate and low priced housing. Quiet town that is very friendly and connected.
Some nice house some bad houses
It's not the best place to be
The police are there for the little things not the big things
I live in a town of 7,000 people and it's the small town rules type of town. The crime rate is higher than ever and the homes are getting worst. We have some good people but the good is over ran by the bad and by the drugs that are being worst. Warrenton has had 5 ODs in the past year and is in the top ten for worst drugs towns in the STL my only hope is that I get out of Warrenton and don't get caught up in the little town crowd.
I have lived in this small town since I was four years old. I have moved away several times and always miss it and come back. While many of the people I grew up with in this town left after high school, I know that they would always talk bad about this town, and then end up missing it. One thing about Warrenton is that it is a small town, so everyone knows each other. This makes the town like family, but it also means that everyone knows your business. I have lived in St. Louis for a few years, and I enjoy Warrenton much more. I like being in a small rural town, rather than a city. One drawback of that though, is that there is not as much to do. It is a great town though, every city, or town has its issues, but I know that the positive outweighs the negative when it comes to Warrenton.
The job area for this area is mainly low paying jobs or part time jobs.
Where I live has either mom and pop shops or national chains. When smaller businesses do move in to town it seems like they only last a year. Most people in my area go to the surrounding cities to get odd and end stuff not offered in our rural town.
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