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I am currently a college student that is living in Warrensburg, Mo. Overall Warrensburg is a wonderful and peaceful area to live in while I further my education and the safety of the area is great because the students at the college help report problems if there are any.
Warrensburg residents are quite friendly and helpful. If you go out for a walk anytime of the day, you will definitely be greeted by someone. There’s always a “Good morning!”, “Howdy!”, “good afternoon” or “evening to ya!”.
The best part about this place is the farm life. You’ll see horses , deers, chickens, ducks etc. Oh and talk about the beautiful birds. Their colors are vibrant! As a citizen girl this amazes me. One thing I would change , definitely needs for diversity.
I like that the town is student oriented. I do not like that there are so many opportunities to drink.
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I moved to Warrensburg to attend college, at the University of Central Missouri. In my first two years, I loved the quaint small town vibe as it matched where I grew up, I enjoyed all it had to offer during the semesters. It wasn’t until I had decided to finish my last 2 years living their full time that I noticed it’s flaws. There is one main road in and out of the town and it’s a 2-lane road riddled with stop lights and street front businesses making a 2 mile trip take 40 minutes on a good day, on top of that you will never go a single day without at least seeing 5 different police patrol cars, they purposely look for trouble, and to top it all off the town is a hotbed for methheads that the city does nothing about. The police are to preoccupied writing a ticket for a license plate light to handle its real issues. I wouldn’t live their again if Iwas paid a million dollars annually
It's a fairly large town for the area, but not too large. It houses local college students and people from the air force base. Not too much to do, but it's been built up a bit in the past few years. A fairly safe place to live without much violent crime and a decent school system.
I come from a big city, and moving here to a small town for college was quite the change. However, there is just about everything you could need here in Warrensburg. I love that there is a small downtown area with unique shops that aren't found anywhere else. I also love that there are a lot of things really close to the college campus and that a lot of those places are so supportive of the school. It is just a nice place to live, and if it weren't so far from my hometown, I would consider living here in the future after graduation.
The town of Warrensburg is a nice small college town, that is located in the midwest. It has some nice local shops and restaurants dotted around the town.
Small rural town. Not much to do but there is a Walmart! There is also a movie theater and an university with lots to do on campus!
Great small college town with low crime, tons of activities year round, and close to major cities like Kansas City.
There are some fun things to do. There is a good community center that is kid friendly There are good options for restaurants and local shops.
I love this town lots of people I've known my whole life great places to eat nice people beautiful town great college and lots of nice neighborhoods
Warrensburg, Missouri is a small town nestled in central Missouri. It is a college town with a low population about 19,000 plus. It has a nice golf club with a championship course. It's where the Mules and Jenny's play their tournaments.
Warrensburg is a small town just North of the Ozarks with plenty of open spaces and site to see, it even has an Amtrak train station. If you are tired of the big city then Warrensburg is the place to live and retire.
Warrensburg is a college town of about 15,000. There are multiple parks and recreational areas for families to experience. Pine Street provides a multitude of eateries and bars. New businesses seem to be cropping up daily which speaks to a thriving business class. The cost of living is excellent and it truly is safe place to live and raise children.
Family atmosphere overall but not a lot of restaurants to choose from. Traffic can be a problem during college move-in and move-out
Warrensburg is overall, accepting and diverse as there is a 4 year public university in the center of town. Although there are welcoming pockets, some locals continue to wave their confederate flag. We must simply overcome this bias.
For the 12 years I have lived in Warrensburg, Missouri this town has always been very inviting to myself and my family. My wife moved here to attend the University of Central Missouri in 2003. I came to the area with the military. There is a military base 12 miles east of Warrensburg. How I rated this survey about my town is completely accurate. Warrensburg has a lot to offer with still having the small town feel but is growing at an astounding rate. I have the pleasure of having many friends in many circles and groups that keep me abreast on what new. Such as new businesses and restaurants to parks and real estate. I have on many occasions recommended friends and family to relocate to Warrensburg for all it's great amenities. I am proud to call Warrensburg, Missouri home and to raise my family here. I hope Warrensburg only continues to change in the direction it has - improving.
This town is a farming, college and military town. It is about 45 minutes from Kansas city and two hours from St. Louis. It has good schools.
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decent little nightlife plenty of town history lots of choices for food good combination of country and city feel lots of shopping options no need to go to the mall it's all right here
there is always something to do or somewhere to be. everyone I have had to deal with or come across has been polite and friendly.
Warrensburg is gaining a lot of nice, huge homes and wealthy subdivisions, but also has some cheaper, smaller homes closer to downtown and the university. So, costs and sizes vary a lot throughout the city.
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