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There are not a lot of things for younger kids/teenagers to do, but job opportunities are great. People develop great connections with each other which helps a lot in the job field.
I'm too young to buy a house.
I haven't been shot yet so it seems okay to me.
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It's taken care of but a lot of shootings have been occuring.
I think the education could be better. Kids are not learning anything that will help them in life and are treated like they are stupid.
Crime really isn't that visible, but it could definitely be better as a whole. The city may be turning worse in certain areas.
I feel that South Bend is a place where it really depends on the person. In my perspective growing up, the environment has always been good. Just a preference that I wish we didn't have is snow. That is honestly the only thing about this area that turns me away somewhat.
The area is great with a small amount of people but no internet.
Living in South Bend, IN is wonderful--great people and very lively. Aside from the beautiful University of Notre Dame, there is also the ever-exciting downtown South Bend, which constantly has events, specifically there themes First Fridays.
I really appreciate my community and the local government's effort.
Employment is down like everywhere else. Our Economy sucks and isn't improving at this time. It is only going to get worse before it gets better. There are many opportunities that are available and people can find jobs through the paper, internet and flyers.
Local Laws are fine and just laws whether you like them or not. I don't really take part in politics or elections because I wasn't of age at the time and I just don't have interest either, but police and fir departments are great and always helpful and reliable.
Many transportation options and well taken care of. The Airport is nice and easy to access. Sidewalks could use improvement but overall very good.
The outdoors is great and everything is well taken care of. I don't see any issues or improvements needed.
Local Businesses do a great job where I live. We have a variety of stores and I am able to get everything I need
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