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Decent but expensive. many opinions in the town. a lot of “typical warren moms” expensive and flashy things.
Warren Township is an amazing place to grow up and settle down in. As a Warren native, I am extremely fortunate to have had an amazing education and safe childhood as well as adult life. As a child and adult, I never once felt unsafe going to school, work, or even being inside my home with the doors unlocked- or even leaving them unlocked when I left! Warren is a pretty diverse area with many races and cultures represented. Warren also does an excellent job of keeping its streets, parks, buildings, and just about everything else clean and in tip-top shape. The ONLY thing I would say that could be better, is more sidewalks around where there are shops and parks, and schools.
Warren is a clean, safe town focused on helping people live their best lives. The public schools are excellent and filled with academically driven students who strive to make the most of their education. The people are friendly and welcoming and it is a great place to raise a family. Although pricey, it was recently voted the #6 safest town in NJ, according to Money Magazine. Overall, Warren is a wonderful town full of things to do and places to see.
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I would like to see Warren Township to have a more diversified community, including restaurants, cultural centers and events, and stores. I would also like to see more transparency in the way the town is run politically, and not just by the same individuals who have taken turns to fill every political position in this town. Otherwise, the town is nice and safe with very good public schools, from elementary to the regional high school.
Warren is a nice town. I think if I could live somewhere else I would live in a more modest area.
Crime and safety are some of the highlights of my hometown. In my town, safety is a priority but with the ever-changing landscape of the town crime has become more frequent but still a lot less than most of the towns close by.
I love my town. The one downside was the racism I had to endure by not being Caucasian. All in all, it was a great time growing up in this town and most of the residents are very friendly and really are inviting. A very few percentage are racist, but it helps that the residents in a large part are becoming more diversified.
There are not many vacant houses, I actually can only think of one. The quality of housing is high, it is a very well off area so there are medium to large houses with a good amount of space for each lot. All the houses are kept in nice shape
We have many events throughout the year that a good percentage of the community participate in and people care about each other
The police are very present especially when there are events going on, even the kids football games. There is not very much crime in our town
There's one story that sums up the nature of the people in my town. There is a Facebook group for the town that people often post about anything from current events to needing a babysitter. Some people noticed that an older gentleman who often decorates and has different holiday decorations most of the year, had not put up his usual decorations, or even mowed his lawn in some time. One thing led to another and it was discovered that he had been sick. The community organized a group to go over and fix up his yard and put up his decorations that made him so happy. That sense of community and caring is what makes a town come together. We have multiple events throughout the year, from bonfires in the winter, to fairs and teen events in the summer. Our schools care about their students. I am very lucky to have grown up here
Small town, with excellent schools and community. Great open spaces and parks.
Filled with lots of very wealthy people. Not much to do and all local businesses sadly end up failing.
It is somewhat easy to find a job. I work at a Bath ad Body Works in a nearby town.
There is a very good pizza place in town, Panitieri's . My pizza slice from there is a Caesar salad slice.
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