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I recently moved here and I think it’s a nice city with many community centers and diverse cultures and people. I do wish the roads were nicer as many of the roads have awful pothole
I've lived here for about two years now. Overall, I like to city. It's larger than I expected and there are so many parts to the city. I commute from here and the access to the highway is very nice. The one issue I would like to change is the state of the politics in the city. Instead of working towards a common goal, officials are at opposites on how to move the city forward.
This city has been my home for my entire life and it has allowed me to live happily and healthily with my family. The city is pretty clean and provides many opportunities for jobs with the car industry and smaller owned businesses. New gyms are opened pretty often and the schools are well kept and staffed.
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I love the way there is a community and there are events to bring us all together and the atmosphere is absolutely wonderful.
As a minority I feel safe in the city of Warren. It’s very diverse outside of “black and white” giving the opportunity to meet people from various cultural backgrounds. I appreciate the introduction into different trades while I was a student in Warren Consolidated Schools.

The location is great as I am close to 3 major freeways and if I wanted to go to a game, concert or event, downtown is 15-20minutes away. I am also close to young population downtown areas as well such as Royal Oak and Ferndale.
warren is just like any other suburb. the public schools are okay, there isn't very much crime reported.
This is my second time living in Warren. We choose this location because it is very close to where my husband and I both work. It is a nice neighborhood and I like most of my neighbors. To be honest, I don't really socialize with anyone. I am not a fan of all of the cookie-cutter outdated ranch homes about 10 feet from one another, but again, this was in our budget, the neighborhood was nice and close to where we work. North Warren does it's best to lack in diversity. If you go on the neighborhood page you will see enough red cloaked thinly veiled racism for you to understand why. When I signed the papers at closing the previous owners of the home actually said the neighbor next to us was just happy the home wasn't going to an Arab or one of those immigrants. So, what does that tell you? When I said, "Nope it is just going to a Mexican and her homosexual child" you should have seen her face. Nice area, but be warned you may not feet very accepted if you don't fit the mold.
I have lived in Warren for all my life. The part that I live in has so many places that are near me. I have a supermarket, a gym, plenty of gas stations, and restaurants. Whatever I need is usually just a mile away so it is nice to be able to not have to journey far out to get simple things.
I like that Warren is multi-cultural, the neighborhoods are quiet and the chances of being a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 193.
Warren is a pretty small town and not many people know where it is at. Growing up in Warren, I have learned to love the city and all the things inside of it. All of my best friends live in Warren and we have explored every inch of it, which led us to cool places we never knew existed or different restaurants we are now regulars at.
I've been living in Warren all my life and it's very safe around here! Also, the people around here are very nice.
Good neighborhood, cute ice cream shops and great people. south side could get a little dumpy and safety issues, and the outskirts but very good town overall. wish we had a Whole Foods here.
This city is okay average. Not too bad to live in. I hate the road always broken. But it has easy excess to down town Detroit. Before covid-19 the crime rate were increasing, now it's kinda vague. There is a huge amount of Bengali and Arab community here, people are always into each other business/nosey. The school district is average, not too bad or good. Most of the lower working class family lives here. Caucasian people usually moving to the north from here. From where i live i have an easy excess to the grocery, pharmacy, hospitals etc. It is not too bad to live in. But if i had a choice i would definitely move.
I’ve lives here my whole life. Not anything super amazing or exciting here, but also not a bad place to live.
I love warren. I live right off of a main road but it is still very quiet and peaceful. We even have wildlife like deer, groundhogs, and rabbits that will visit us in our yards. The police in warren are so great. In our fist couple of months here in warren one of our soccer balls rolled into the street and a police car drove over it and it popped and he apologized. About an hour later he was back and had bought a brand new soccer ball for us and he apologized again. Such a kind gesture that was above and beyond his job description.
I moved to Michigan when I was on the seventh grade. I loved in Hamtramck for 1 year before moving to Warren. The schools I attended were extremely diverse. I grew up with the ability to learn about many different cultures. My friend group especially was diverse. I had friends who were Bengali, Caucasian, Polish, and Hmong. Furthermore, the neighborhood itself is culturally advanced. There are restaurants and many different facilities that allow the general public to learn about other cultures as well. There is nothing I would change about my neighborhood, everyone is friendly and gets along with ease. I've formed many bonds here in 7 years that have grown to become stronger than ones I've had since I was young. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.
Warren has nice, safe and clean neighborhoods. However, I wish the city would become more welcoming of African American families. I also want a new Mayor for Warren. I request one that isn't racist or prejudice but has everyone's best interest at heart and will work to address the needs of residents and help build a better community.
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the city is clean and the school are acceptable to attend. Not much violence in the city and people are friendly.
Living in Warren really depends on where in Warren you live, we have many different school options and are very close to many different malls. It is a friendly neighborhood and we are always happy here. I have lived here for 9 years and have loved it. My commute anywhere is always less than a half hour, we are also pretty close to all main freeways! Warren can be nice and affordable where ever you are looking.
Overall, Warren is a great city. It's a very big city which has its downfalls. Where the safety rating goes down is past I-696. This is where the city becomes very sketchy. Other than that, the town is the definition of suburbia. Everything is close enough it isn't too inconvenient, but we also aren't living on top of each other.
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