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Warren is a great little town. It has a artsy community on one side of it with nice local stores and they is a fountain store that serves milkshakes. We also have our own theater and an art collaborative. There are lots of local restaurants; the ones on the beach sell fresh seafood! That said, on the other side of Warren it is more like a city. It's congested; they have the fast food restaurant, the Family Dollar store, gas station, pharmacy and all things you'd expect in a small City. The roads are busy and loud. I live on one of the main roades and I hear cars all day longambulances, and police officers pull people. The lower class live on this side. The rents are still high tho.There's a bike bath which is probably the best feature (besides the restaurants on the water). I've been here seven years and I have no plan to leave Warren. It really is a great little town.
I like that Warren is artistic and upcoming, yet historic and small town. I wish there were more trees along downtown Market St., and that the businesses opening up were successful. I wish the town could bring in beneficial, small town, local business even more then we already have. It's saddening to see empty store fronts.
I have lived and grown up in Warren, RI for my entire life, and I believe it is an underrated town. There is so much to do in the uptown area, from little local shops, coffee places, restaurants, and churches. Not to mention, many restaurants are right on the water, offering s beautiful view. Burrs Hill Park was a big part of my childhood, with a historical background, and lots of summer fun to be enjoyed at the park, and the beach across the street. There are endless activited to be enjoyed by various age groups, and lots of secret spots that can be discovered off the bike path. One thing I would change is the conditions of Metacom Ave., as sometimes it looks a little trashy in comparison to the other parts of town.
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Warren is a small, artsy town part of a three-town area bordering the bay. There are some great local shops and eclectic restaurants, as well, as local owned seafood restaurants. We have a small market, over-priced that carries more gourmet items than household needs. The closet market is within 5 miles. Apartment housing is hard to find if you have a family of more than three, and it is pricey. The school system is high on the state's testing list. I am happy we moved here seven years ago.
Great town. Moved here from the East side and couldn't be happier. Great restaurants, a beautiful downtown full of interesting shops, beautiful paths through natural wildlife refuges. It's also got a great bike path through it and a strong art community. I moved to RI just a few years back and work all over the state. Warren is easily my favorite town in RI.
Warren is a tightly knit community dedicated to 'keeping Warren weird'. There are lots of local shops from record stores, tattoo parlors, cafes, and antiques. It's a fun place to live.
I love Warren’s dedication to bringing families together through town events. It’s a very family oriented town. I also love all the local businesses and great places to grab breakfast! I can’t think of anything I would change in Warren.
Small town not far from big and beautiful areas. not much to do in town but it is close enough to nice places to make the cheaper cost of living worth it.
I love the small aspect of my town where everybody appears to know each other. There are beautiful beaches and places to go. Downtown has much to do and Warren never fails to bore me. However, in the winter, Warren gets very cold and I am not a big fan of below freezing temperatures.
Warren is a town on the rise with an amazing arts and restaurant scene. Tucked between Barrington and Bristol in the East Bay, the small town offers great schools, quality services, and plenty of family friendly programming. Its proximity to the highway makes commuting to Providence or Fall River an easy ride, even in rush hour.
Warren is a very small town and while there isn't all that much to do, the area surrounding Warren is more lively. There are some new restaurants that are nice, as well as The Coffee Depot which is a staple. It is right on the water which is nice, but you do have to go to neighboring towns for water activities.
Warren is a charming little town in one of the oldest areas in Rhode Island. The suburb which was once an epicenter of imports and trade is now mixed with both historical homes as well as newer constructions surrounded by the bay. A recent revitalization of historic downtown boasts the importance of support of local small business and its impact on the community as a whole. With many farm to table restaurants, art collaboratives and specialty shops, and even a food co op kitchen, the towns morale is higher than ever. I hope to not only see more empty shops be filled over the next few years, but more local residents supporting these contributions to our community.
I have lived in warren my entire life. It is a small quaint town, that is on the up. A lot has changed since I was a child. There are a lot of great new shops and restaurants opening up. I am proud to say I am from Warren, RI!
We don't have a lot of crime in this area. A matter of fact the crime rate is so low, that our local paper reports things like, "a call came in because there were turkeys in the road," or "A suspicious man was walking down Child Street. Turns, out he was just taking a walk." I don't always lock my car doors. I will say don't leave your bikes outside for an extended amount of time! This is a biking area and kids steal bikes all the time.
I've been living in this small town of Warren for six years. Warren is diverse for such a small town. There is an artsy crowd, a hard core, youth sports interest and good schools with a lot of extra curriculum for the children. We are lucky enough to live minutes from the Bay and spend a lot of our time at the beach, just hanging out or watching the sun set. We have a town recreation camp every summer that cost about $1/day and that includes lunch. I have no intentions of moving anywhere else!
I have not had any issues with crime or safety.
I love living in New England. I especially love the East Bay because of the Bay. The water views are everywhere with sea breezes. There are great restaurants and little shops around every corner. A day of Antiquing is like a treasure hunt. The people in the East Bay area are diverse and more polite than some in other areas. Rhode Island offers everything that the great United states has to offer in a petite package.
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My town is very small, so there is not a lot to do.
While the attitude of the people in this area is generally conceited and "holier-than-thou," and the general area is overall boring and devoid of interesting activities to do, the class of the people is of a generally high class, and crime rates are very low for this area. There are much worse places to live, but there are also much better places.
The houses in this town are quite enjoyable! They aren't mansions but they aren't too smile either! There is just enough room in the yards to have children play but there aren't woods in many backyards either. I would say the look of the town is great because most houses are done nicely and well taken care of.
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