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Warr Acres is a rather small cluster of neighborhoods in Oklahoma City that is mostly older people and the occasional family with small children. It is a small city landlocked in between larger cities. It has the weirdest city lines that make no sense at all and has no room for growth.
or the most part its a nice quite little section of Oklahoma City. Not to much drama but like all neighborhoods, there is that one crazy that likes to cause a little noise once or twice a year.
Changing from a small town setting to a city setting is overwhelming to some, but Warr Acres made it easy for me. It still is in a close proximity to the city itself but the neighborhood that I live in is peaceful and quiet. There has never been an issue with locals and they have very little conflicts. I would recommend this suburb to my friends and I will mostly likely live here for many years to come.
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I love this community. The businesses are very involved and always have fun things for the children.
From living in this area I can honestly say that it may not be a perfect place, but it is a great place for families to live in. The neighborhoods are safe and decent. I wish there was other fast food places that served something other than chicken.
I like how close Warr acres is to the City, I have very easy access to major highways. It usually feels pretty safe here but lately all of okc has become a little more dangerous. I plan on continuing to live in warr acres for at least another year.
I loved this neighborhood. My mom has lived here for the past three years and she has also enjoyed. I love that I can access all the popular highways and streets quickly and there is a lot of near by shopping place that are easy to get to.
I love how at home I feel in Warr Acres. It's where I grew up and will always be home. There's is so much diversity and so many ways to make new memories. This suburb is always growing and changing and I am proud to be a resident.
my car has been broken in to many times, people steal things off the property.
I see police cars a lot. I wouldn't go walking around at night by myself.
Warr Acres isn't that bad, but there are other places in Oklahoma I would rather live. The school district isn't the best.
I really haven't had many problems here. My dad's car was broken into once, but he left it unlocked and they only took the spare change he had lying around in there.
I enjoy living in this neighborhood. It's has a pretty good atmosphere and neighbors are fairly friendly.
I see more rental property in the housing area. Property values going down
I love Oklahoma and would not have chose to grow up anywhere else.
The reaction time of the police and fire station seems to be good. They get to car wrecks very quickly.
It seems like it can be difficult to find a job you'll enjoy and get paid a decent amount. Most people work any job they can get a stable income from.
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I don't generally hear about any major crimes in the area. There are often cops all around the areas I visit weekly. Although, I have heard about dead bodies being dumped at a nearby park that has a large fishing pond, walking trails, and many trees. I haven't heard any of the details about it though.
There are many local businesses in the area, although it doesn't seem like there are very many unique stores. I believe the most popular unique store there is, is Pops Soda Ranch. It has hundreds of different sodas like peanut butter and jelly, and country fried steak. You can generally get everything you need, but none of the stores are really unique.
The weather in Oklahoma can be crazy. Every season lasts for roughly the same amount of time. The weather largely effects how people drive. If there's any snow or ice at all, people start driving terribly. The most frequent natural disasters are tornadoes. The most essential items usually vary from season to season since they're normally equal in length.
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