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People are close, and many of them stay here for their whole lives. Everyone kind of keeps to themselves, but when there are things happening that need fixed, our community often pulls together to help everyone else.
Compared to a few years ago, employment is a little easier to come by. However, considering how far we are from businesses other than private owned farming, there is still very little employment opportunity.
Healthy body weight is not easy to come by. Unless one farms, doing a lot of physical work daily, there is very little option for physical fitness. The weather conditions are fit for outdoor exercise about 15% of every average year.
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The only crime that occurs near here has to do, mainly, with drugs. I am not concerned about crime in my area.
The only way anyone can get anywhere around here is by their own car. Public transportation is non-existent.
Really, other than the lakes for fishing, there is only one main attraction of the year - that attraction being Browerville Days.
I like being closer to people and having more of an opportunity to be near larger cities.
I live in the middle of the country, not very close to any large towns. Outdoor opportunities are endless and very easy to come by if you have the financial means. Our property is surrounded by farm land, dirt roads, fields, and lakes; however, there is very little opportunity to go to national parks or state parks. Wildlife is abundant in the area we live in. The only real pollution issue I believe exists in this area would be from pesticides leading to slight water pollution.
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