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I have lived here my whole life. I am 22, about to turn 23. I graduated from Roy C. Ketcham High School. I graduated college and now am back student teaching in the local high schools. I have always been proud of where I live till recently. My father worked for IBM For 25 years before GlobalFoundaries bought his location. My mother worked for IBM for 29 years. About 15 of them were from home because I was so sick once I was born. She was recently let go with nothing. No package.. no anything. No one wants to hire her because of her age, her experience, and because she is so much better than anyone else (not just saying that because she is my mother). Now it hurts because of heat bills, medical expenses, and everything else because we are one income household since my father has to work when he wants to retire because of his medical issues, (nerves and spine).
Wappingers Falls has two sides to it. One is the busy Rt 9 and Meyers Corners side where you can get anything you need on one street, even thought the traffic is annoying. The other side is where I live, closer to Hopewell Junction. It has a lot of quiet backroads and the Rail Trail, the path made for bikes and pedestrians that goes from Hopewell to the Walkway over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie. If you like the suburbs, you'll like Wappingers Falls.
Wappingers Falls is a family-friendly town. There is always something to do with the bowling alley, galleria mall, and movie theater very close by.
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My town, despite it's flaws, is a nice place to live. It is a semi-rural suburban area, with a large population. Our high school has 2,000 students! There is a heroin epidemic, though, with the area having high crime rates involving the drug. Overall, it is far from the worst place to live, as it in the beautiful Hudson Valley, and has access to the city as well as the upper Northeast.
I love living here and so far I have made a great friend, have a great boyfriend and live in a house with my family! What I would love to see change is to have another mall or more stores, though there are a lot I would like to see more of the ones you would see in the city!
Love this town. I feel safe and there is a lot of places to hang out with my friends. I miss it when I am away at school.
The Village of Wappingers Falls is a great place to live in Dutchess County. Here you are in the middle of Dutchess County and the Mid-Hudson. In a half hour radius, you can get to lots of jobs, shopping, hiking trails, restaurants yet you can still enjoy a walkable community. Neighbors are friendly. Community is diverse. Streets are safe. Housing is inexpensive relative to the rest of Dutchess County. The St. Patrick's Day parade, Christmas Light parade and the Halloween parade march right through the center of this charming town. There is a real sense of renaissance and revitalization going on here. Still a lot to do, but it is a wonderful community and all within a 1 1/4 hour train ride to NYC.
I've lived here my whole life and it has changed for the better in the last few years. The village is pretty close by no matter where you live in the town. The school district is pretty excellent.
Wappingers Falls doesn't have much to see but has good people living in it!
My neighborhood is pretty loud over the summer but during the winter time it's very quiet and relaxing.
A great area to raise kids. The schools are good. Lots of big name retailers in the area. Not great if you like the bar or club scene.
I've lived in Wappingers Falls all my life. It's home to me and no matter where I end up it always will be. My favorite part of living in this small town of New York is the seasons! We get to enjoy the warm heat of summer, brisk mornings and colorful leaves of the fall, piles of white snow in the winter and beautiful blooming of flowers in the spring. We have city areas to shop and eat an assortment of food. We also have many state parks to hike and enjoy the outdoors.
Needs more restaurants. There isn't much to do at night. The cost of living varies depending on what part of town you are in.
Definitely not the best place to be walking alone at night. There has been an impact with crime moving down from Poughkeepsie and up from Fishkill
I enjoy where I live because everything is so close to me, and I only have to drive about 5-10 minutes to get anything I could really want. I grew up here but I go to college in Rochester so I appreciate the hiking trails, the Hudson river, the Wappingers creek and being only a short train ride away from NYC. As compared to the rest of the country, I'd say my area is pretty average, filled with a lot of IBM workers and NYC commuters. In this area, I hope to see less commercial business and more small businesses and shops because they are very few around. I also see us getting better about dumping into the river and getting into more sustainability processes.
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