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the housing in my area is great. although as you get into town and not in the country as much it can be a different story.
its great, you know your neighbors and they feel like family. everyone does anything and everything to help each other out. We will mow each others lawn while one is gone or feed the chickens or dogs we will house sit for you while you are gone and we will do just about anything for each other we will work at our neighbors local business for free for a week if they need it. we will do anything to keep our neighbors close knit like a family.
I don't have any concerns with violence around my area. the police make their rounds and they do their job. Anytime i have ever needed the police they make great time in getting here.
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i would choose to live here again in a heartbeat. Everyone knows everybody and you know everyone is going to have your back in the long run. In my small town of Wapella, you can count on anyone to help you out. You can call anyone and they'll come pick you up if that is what you need. They'll come pull you out of the ditch even if need be. I love my small town for so many reasons everyone may not get along all the time but we make it work. If there is a family in need everyone is going to pull together and help one another.
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