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Wantagh is a great place to raise a family. The schools are great. There are a lot of small businesses in the area.
This long island town is known to be safe and has a great school system. It is less than a 15 minute drive to the beach, and has plenty of opportunity for entertainment.
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Wantagh is a great place to live for families. It's close to the beach, easy access to all parkways, and does not take too long to get into NYC. It's a fairly close knit community. Schools are good and crime is low.
Wantagh is a very nice place to live and raise a family, whether you commute into Manhattan or work on Long Island. It is a mix of professionals and well-paid public employees (cops, teachers, FDNY, etc). Very safe place to live with very solid schools, and there are a lot of opportunities for sports and other extra-curricular activities for kids through the school district and elsewhere. My only complaint is that the roads and other infrastructure really needs improvement - likely because the parents are so busy working, raising their families and being involved in the community that they don't have time to complain to the Town of Hempstead.
Wantagh is a grear family town. The real estate is a little too expensive, but it is a nice town to raise a family!
Wantagh is a friendly neighborhood where everyone knows everyone. The schools are fantastic and the town is filled with shops and small businesses. Very family oriented.
Wantagh has been a positive experience for the first 22 years of my life so far. The schools and teachers are great and truly care about their students. The night life is great with the beach near by and the dozens of bars.
Wantagh is a friendly, medium sized suburban town in Nassau county. There are three elementary school's and one middle and high school. There are multiple opportunities for residents and their children. They include, a local fire department, close proximity beach entrance (Jones Beach), local sports affiliated with and without Wantagh school district, music programs through the school district, local churches and other religious places of worship. Neighbors are friendly and involved.
A very good place to live with a happy and safe environment. Other than the high taxes, Wantagh is perfect. It's the gateway to Jones Beach, only an hour away from New York City, and the perfect location on Long Island. It's a 30 minute drive to Citi Field, and only an hour or so into certain parts of Suffolk. Wantagh itself offers a lot, which is why it is such a great town to live in.
It's truly the best place to live. The community and schools are so friendly, everyone knows everybody. It is close to the train station which makes commuting into the city easy. When picking a place to live on the train line of LIRR, this is the best choice. Theres great places to eat. It is pricey to live here but it is worth it. The placement of everything in the town works for any family and the schools are phenomenal. Easily one of the best places to live on Long Island.
Wantagh was a great place to grow up and a great place to raise a family. There are many young couples starting out and the schools are great academically for their future children
Wantagh is part of the Town of Hempstead located in Nassau County on Long Island, New York. Wantagh has so much going on from great schools to some amazing eateries. Places to eat keep popping up. Wantagh has a Smashburger and two recently opened spots - Chipotle and Pie Craft. Residents are awaiting the opening of "Stewarts," which is very exciting. Wantagh is a great location from NYC, only about a 50 minute train ride. Wantagh is also conveniently located only 10 minutes from Jones beach, just jump on the Wantagh parkway and you'll be at the surf in no time.
Love school spirit and feeling of community. It's the best place in the world. We have great schools, homes, and restaurants. Everyone knows each other and it is very safe.
Just a few abandoned homes from Hurricane Sandy, otherwise all nice homes
People stay a long time
There is not much crime. The police are always riding around our neighborhood checking it.
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It's a safe and friendly neighborhood. Close to the beach, parkways, stores and main roads. Great schools. Great people.
There aren't many issues that the police have to get involved in.
I think that Wantagh is a very nice community. The only issue is that people do not know how to park their cars. They park illegally and it causes a lot of accidents.
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