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I would like it to be incorporated into Pennsylvania. We cannot carry guns here. The taxes are too high. The roads are not paved. Power is poor. I love the rural area. I love the quiet, the privacy and the general lack of amenities.
hello, we're about to buy a house in vantage we heard a lot about it my first thing was privacy but we're always concerned abut schooling system since our child is autistic any reviews on that? thanks
Wantage is a great town to live in. Residents are very friendly, lots of outdoor activities for children.
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Wantage is a very safe area to live in. It is very quiet.
Wantage is a beautiful area to live in. There are many outdoor activities to do.
Major crimes are not of great concern in my neighborhood
Is a rural area. It's great if you just want to be away from the hustle and bustle. You need to be able to drive as all the stores are 20 minutes away by car. There is no public transportation in the County. Growing up around here was okay. as long as your parents are involve. It's not a good are to retire in.
There are not many vacant or abandoned properties. It also isn't very costly to live here either. It is a decent area to live.
Most people stay here their whole lives. Everyone is friendly to one another and there are many community events. There are also fundraisers when someone in the community needs help.
There isn't much crime that happens in the area. It is a pretty safe area. The police does patrol the area and there are here quickly when they are called.
only a few restaraunts- Mexican, greek, and an inn. and there are 2 diners.
it is a very small town, so there are not many options. there a few diners, a few restaraunts, but nothing much so most people eat at home
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