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It's so boring here. I've been able to make my own opportunities and friends here but if you have no ambition or drive you'll be stuck at a dead end the rest of your life.
It is a small town. I am still exploring, but it is cozy town. They have a small library. The people here are helpful. The people who live in Walton, are into watching the high school football, the Walton Warriors. The residents also come together in a time of need. A young girl passed away, and the neighborhood came together in support.
Walton is a small country town. It has a friendly homey feeling. There are many active citizens who play a vital part in the community. What it needs is to upgrade to have small town business growth. There are not many job opportunities available. Many graduates have to leave the area to go to school and then seek a job. Although it has everything needed, hospital many different churches, various stores etc. It still is a farmer town. Surrounded by multiple farms. Dairy and Beef. The best event it is credited to is The yearly Delaware County Fair, the high
Iight of the year for the town.
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It's a small town in rural New York, based around farming and football it's a great place to grow up and/or raise a family. Everyone knows each other and takes care of eachother. Highly recommend this area if you are looking for a nice relaxing place to live in the foothills.
There are a few new restaurants recently but it's very difficult to have a business where I'm from.
The employment is very poor. Usually people don't leave town once they graduate from high school so the population grows little by little. However, the jobs don't increase with this other growth so there are more and more people jobless.
It's very hard to maintain a business in my hometown. There is very little cash flow and people are not very likely to patronize the few shops that are around. Even just to go to the grocery store is a twenty five minute drive because the only grocery store in town is far too expensive.
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