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I came to Waltham as an international student in Brandeis University. It was a very big change for me after living in NYC for 18 months. The transportation is my biggest problem as the frequency of the busses is 30 minutes and more and they are always running with 20-30 minutes delay. The town is safe and fullof students but for sure not a place to network for a job.
I am a student at Brandeis University in Waltham, and overall, Waltham has made a mediocre impression. There is good transportation to Boston, but much of the neighborhood feels unsafe and dirty. Some of the public walkways and parks are nice, besides the trash. If your housing budget is low, it would be a nice place to live for a bit, but not for permanent residence.
Living near Moody Street and Main Street, both are filled with well-known restaurants with delicious cuisines. The Charles River flows right through Moody Street and creates a pathway for residents to walk along the river or take a jog, providing people a beautiful and tranquil area in the busy town of Waltham. Although not the most expensive area in relation to real estate, Waltham has a standard quality, neighborhood, infrasturcture, and institutions combined.
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Waltham is a very diverse city. I've been a resident for the past 15 years and have to admit that Waltham came a log way with education, job opportunities, cultural life and overall living improvements.
Education can still get a little better, but there's still plenty of opportunities within the public schools.
Waltham is a quaint town that is becoming more bustling as the years go by. You can find authentic cuisine from many cultures around the area and the public schools offer decent education.
Diverse middle class community. A restaurant city with lots of hidden gems. Great schools, local theater. Unfortunately it is slowly getting gentrified.
Waltham is a beautiful, diverse town surrounded by the Charles River, lots of trees and open space, plentiful restaurants and bars, and nice houses. The city is safe, and there are plenty of places to shop. The commute can be long with traffic but is very close to the 90 and 95, so it's easy to get most places in MA.
Waltham is great! A diverse city with a lot of trendy restaurants along Moody Street. Also you can get to Boston easily with the commuter railway. Plus, the housing here has many options to choose from.
During the day, it is an excellent place for families, but at night, I wouldn't walk alone. The public education is a bit subpar, but the music department at the public high school is AMAZING. Most people in Waltham have been there for generations.
Waltham is very safe. The police, firefighters, and other emergency responders are very supportive. It is easy to get to Boston from Waltham. However, I will like to see a less-crowded Waltham.
Waltham is a quiet town bordered by Arlington, Lexington, Watertown, and Newton. It is fairly diverse and most definitely family friendly. Within about a two mile radius from any where in Waltham the likelihood of finding a park, playground, or field are very likely.
Waltham is a wonderful place to live! It's friendly, diverse, and offers fantastic amenities. There are numerous infrastructure and beautification projects currently underway and the city has one of the most vibrant restaurant scenes in the region. Nearly all of the public schools in Waltham have enjoyed steady improvement and the high school is quickly emerging into the ranks of the state's top tier schools. Waltham is a very safe place to live. In most categories, Waltham's crime rates are 50% to 75% lower than the national average. There are numerous events, fairs, and concerts sponsored by the town, as well as activities at Waltham's community run farm at Gore place. There also many large parks and nature preserves for hiking and outdoor parties. The town even recently opened an outdoor putting area where people can play mini golf for free! I feel lucky to have found a home in a this gem of a community that is only a 20 minute drive from downtown Boston. I love Waltham!
My experiance here in waltham has been amazing. The education here is fun and welcoming. Big oppurtinties in this city
Waltham is a diverse community with amazing opportunities. Jobs in tech and labs as well as beginner job entry. We are a small town that has grown into a busy city with many restaurants and social activities. Schools have been growing and getting better and better. Opportunities are there for those who reach out especially in schools. We are a rare community with a fine arts program that is full of achievements. My only concern is we are building everywhere and this may become problematic as far as traffic. But longtime resident and have enjoyed the people of this town.
Wonderful town for young working class. Every amenity you can imagine, jogging routes, parks, events.
Waltham is a great place to live. It's very close to Boston which allows you to quickly enjoy everything the city has to offer. Prices for homes are getting very expensive which is definetely changing the city in some ways.
The city of Waltham located approximately eleven miles from downtown Boston, is a quite place where not many people are aware of its existence. Much of its history has either been lost or forgotten. For many of the folks that reside in Waltham may not have known that Waltham was once recognized as the watch city.
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Waltham is a very diverse community, with great opportunities for education and jobs. The town itself though, is very costly to live in even though it requires major improvement upon it's infrastructure.
Waltham is under major renovations. They are building many condos and shopping plazas. I like that it is close to Boston and has the commuter rail and MBTA buses to get around. I do not like how expensive it has become to live there. Yet if you can afford it and don't like to be right in the middle of Boston them Waltham is perfect for you. Its about a 20-30 min drive to Boston and it has plenty to offer on its one with Main and Moody Streets both providing a great selection of restaurants and even has its own movie theater! Waltham is also home to Prospect Hill Park which is a great place for picnics, barbecues, walking, biking and much more; but the main attraction is at the very top you can look out over the city and see all the way to Boston! A secret gem that is worth the climb whether by car, or other.
Waltham has a welcoming community feel and is a great place to raise young children. There is a wide variety of companies in the area and the real estate market is very strong.
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