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Everything you expect from a small town: southern hospitality, small family businesses, and a few fun places and sights. Everyone knows everyone. It's located in the middle of multiple cities and towns, so if there is something you can't find in Walters, it's just a hop-skip-jump over to the next town/city to receive what is needed. However, due to its location, if you're looking for fast profit, it's not the ideal location.
There are many nice things about Walters. It is a quiet place to raise a family, and most things are within 30 minutes of home. However, there are not a lot of activities located within the city, so most leisure time is spent outside of Walters.
Walters is an idyllic small town in beautiful Southwestern Oklahoma. A very underrated place to live. The weather, despite its ability to change quickly, is quite amenable most of the year. I'm an avid gardener so the long growing season here is great! The town and region has a very interesting history regarding native Americans and the Wichita Mountains are close as well. I moved here after many years in DFW and love it. The town also has an active art community too. I love it here.
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I've lived in Walters for several years now and have come to like the small town environment and the short commute times throughout the entire town.
Walters is a great small town located in the center of 3 larger cities. Since there is not much shopping and food options located within the city, with little effort and time you can find whatever you want or need. With that said, because there is not much in town Walters remains a quiet, safe, family-oriented city. Having spent nearly two decades in the town I still have a very high opinion of the town and its people. It is filled with culture, and events that keep the city active. My overall experience with Walters is very high!
This community's is a very close community's but is often not accepting to new people, expecially if you don't share the same beliefs as them. Most of the people have lived here their entire life's and most of their family came from here as well. There is not much to do besides public parks, and watch football games.
Nothing necessarily bad happens here besides the occasional vandalism by kids or some type of drug bust.
This area is a small community with limited access to resources, activities and business. There is hardly any new businesses but is generally a safe place to live
I don't find it a very bad place to live, in fact it's one of the safest in the area. I've never felt like something bad would happen here, at least not to me. There could be more to do but it's all I've known. The people aren't that great though, just typical small-town drama. If it were bigger the school might be better in the options of classes and such to choose from, and there might even be better teachers, but if the town were bigger that opens a lot of disadvantages as well, such as it might be less safe.
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