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This area is great for me, but may not be the best for others. If you are a person who enjoys nature and spending time outdoors, then this is the area for you. There is plenty to do when it comes to fishing, hunting, and hiking. However, there is no theater or major shopping center. The closest mall is forty five minutes away. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would still move to the area. We are not the most "in the now" area, but things are improving.
The services in this area are okay. The fire department for this area is right in the middle of our town, so if there is a fire they get there pretty fast. The issue is, though, the closest hospital is a town away. And it is not exactly the "best" one. An actual good hospital is an hour away, which is no help to anyone.
There are many open fields, but that's about it around here.
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It would be nice to have more options around here.
Most people are friendly, but I don't relate with a lot of them.
It's okay. I won't live here when I'm older though.
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