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Walnut is a quiet and cozy town. The environment is beautiful and safe. The school district is excellent. High quality education is an important symbol of the city. The traffic is developed. A number of highways pass through the city or the surrounding area, and there is a train station that leads to downtown LA. Commercial facilities, sports parks, and public leisure places are relatively complete. It is a livable city.
Walnut is a very quiet, suburban city in California. The scenery is full of park views, trees, and clear streets. It is very family friendly with many quality school options for children and teens. There is not much, if any, night life at all; it is very quiet during the day and super quiet during the night. The houses are high-priced, however, you will pay for security, peace, and a well designed home.
Such a great beautiful town in the mist of Los Angeles County. Great education system and great friendly people
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It is a nice, quiet residential suburb of Los Angeles, making it a good place to reside while also allowing its residents to quickly go to the neighboring cities to shop or Downtown. But due to its residential property, there are few jobs within the city aside from retails for most residents and would need to commute to larger cities for more lucrative opportunities. The fact that Walnut is home to an excellent community college is also a bonus.
No crime, safe and smart, a growing suburb with new homes and stores popping up in every vacant corner yearly, this place is starting to look developed compared to a decade ago, I can see this city growing prosperous
I would like to see more effort to complete construction quickly because it is frustrating to have constant construction in at least one place of Walnut at all times of the year.
Small city, generally quiet, neighbors not too rowdy, fast response time of police & fire department. Nice parks & trails throughout the city. Tasty restaurants with fast service.
Walnut has always acted as a small safe haven for me. It is a safe environment that consists of friendly people who are always willing to help others. The school district and schools within Walnut are some of the best that I've heard of as well. Although Walnut has many plazas that contain both food options and stores, it does a good job of providing many necessities nearby the neighborhoods without overcrowding the space that it has.
People of the city aren't exposed to a lot of diversity and real-world situations making Walnut a bubble for people to live in. Great place to settle down in, but terrible for personal development
Great neighborhood. Very safe. Grew up there, and went to Collegewood Elementary, Suzanne middle school, Walnut high school, and Mount San Antonio College! Great education and very clean.
There is an abundant amount of food options around this city. In addition, the streets are not crowded and are easy access roads. The schools are great quality and this city is surrounded by more convenient cities that make living easy.
We R living in this city of Walnut for nearly 30 yrs, Best School District, Excellent neighborhood, close to Church St. Lorenzo Luis now proclaim a shrine name after First Filipino Saint. The City does not have apartment complex and Townhome as well. Best Senior Center .with free Aerobics, Yoga class & other sports for the Community. Free Summer Concert in the park and othe summer activities for young and old.
The overall experience is of excellent quality. This year I will be moving to Walnut and I am very glad. Everywhere you look, there are splendid trees, grass, bushes, showing how Walnut strives to take their part in helping the environment. In addition, there can hardly be a piece of trash found anywhere in Walnut, at least on public domain. Walnut wishes to provide their residents with a safe eco-friendly environment, which I admire deeply
Walnut is great area to live. Safe neighborhood in convenient location. Freeway is close and drive way is nice. Public library is very nice and clean. Community college is near by as well as one of great California State University.
An incredible neighborhood to say the least. One of the nicest areas I've seen, and definitely the best area I've ever lived in. I have attended High School in Walnut and am currently attending college in Walnut, and I've lived here for five years. Everything from schooling to daily life is 5/5. Very safe neighborhood, and great green nature everywhere.
This is such a nice, quiet town. Very low criminal activity, and the neighbors are quiet and keep to themselves.
There isn't really much around the place, besides a few good restaurants. All the fun activities are outside of Walnut.
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so much construction to make the city easier to access, right now it's a pain to live here but when it's all finished it will be better.
As part woodland creature, there are awesome dirt trails to run on and hikes near by. There are also a variety of food options. I feel like it's a pretty safe neighborhood. There's also Mt. Sac nearby, which is a very good community college.
Walnut is a quiet, peaceful city. There is not too much activity though, so one may find oneself desiring more.
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