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I grew up in Walnut grove for 20 years, it’s been a great place for one to live and grow up I’ve often enjoyed running around the neighborhood and playing with my friends never felt unsafe, when I was in elementary school I attended Walnut Grove Elementary and enjoyed all 5 years until I moved on to Gaiser Middle Schoool I made lots of friends while attending Walnut Grove and always felt safe and had a lot of fun growing up here. Honestly out of all the places I could have grown up in the Vancouver Area I loved the fact that it was Walnut Grove.
Feel safe in area. Less safe downtown. Police visibility is great.
We get to experience all seasons. Close to mountain, beaches, lakes, and rivers. Great suburban area.
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Sometimes people suddenly vacate or a house goes unfilled for extended periods of time.
There are plenty of community events scattered around
Crime is not prevalent at all in the area
I could live here for the rest of my life.
Lots to do. But the traffic to get to is is bad. Makes you not want to drive into Portland.
the businesses are growing, increasing jobs.
it's good, but more choices for happy hour would be nice
we have a lot of choices for shops. I like being close to everything I need.
The four seasons in the state of Washington reflect how others would call this the Ever Green state.

Fall is warm with leaves that turn red and yellow, Winter can be very rainy at times and ice can become a problem for the roads. Spring is a great time of the year, knowing that Winter is behind us and spring flowers start to come up from the ground and remind us that we made it through another winter. Summer is a wonderful place in the Northwest. We have a summer vacation land filled with water activities, local summer fairs, movies in the park, local Saturday markets and art creations and much more.
If there is a home break-in located in the neighborhood, most neighbors are helpful and look out for others and themselves. However, when the police are called and the event is reported, the local police cannot do a whole lot except report the break-in. Those that have not experienced a break-in, cannot understand the emotions that come with this event. The family feels violated and uncertain about their safety. It takes times to feel comfortable again.
The nearby restaurants in the area, the residents in the area refer to them as, restaurants row. This is because we have several well-known and popular restaurants on the some block. This area is often busy as it should be for lunch and dinner, every day of the week. These restaurants are very close by the local mall which brings many people from both Washington and Oregon to shop the deals for the week.
Housing in the local area that I live in are fairly nice homes. They are not really close together and there is reasonable space for a backyard and garden area. Vacant or abandon properties are not a problem in the area and the area that I'm in all the people and neighbors look out for each other.
Employment in the area that I live in mostly has to do with who you know and not what you know.

Some companies are wanting a full education with a bachelors degree and 5-10 years of experience.

It is challenging to sell your abilities and skills when you do not have both pieces to bring to the company.

Having both pieces will give you more leverage and determination to pursue your dream job.
The review I would like to share is for the company: House of Sewing Machines and Vacuums. This is a great place to have your sewing machine taken for repair. The employees are friendly and have integrity. Those two traits are very hard to find these days. Plus the sales people are not pushy and make you feel like family as you walk into their store. I get everything I need to supplies to repairs and I greatly appreciate the service they give to their customers. I would highly recommend this company to those that use sewing machines to create and or repair articles of clothing or create amazing gifts for any occasion.
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Everything is fairly convenient and there is a decent variety of places.
It's a decent area for kids out of highschool, but not great for people looking for careers.
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