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Small town undergoing development to become great, Wallingford is the best place to be to feel secure. Since it is so small, everyone knows one another and stores/shops are close enough to walk. There are plenty of annual events. Taste of Wallingford and the Holiday Stroll are well known. Families come out to enjoy a walk and free things that are being given out. Houses are a bit expensive, but Wallingford is definitely the place to be if you want a quiet and secure life.
Currently living in Wallingford, CT. Nice center of town with many local businesses. Family friendly environment and the public schools are decent.
There's nothing to do unless you're a town drunk and everyone thinks they're better than you. There's lots of heroin use and car thefts. I grew up in this town, unfortunately, and I'll never move back.
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Wallingford is a great town in its entirety. It's location in Connecticut has greatly contributed to the town's growth and prosperity. With its train and highway access, Wallingford is easily accessible to major metropolitan areas within and outside the state allowing residents an easy commute.

With highly regarded public and private schools, Wallingford is a town built for families and those seeking a quality education in a safe and vibrant community.

With low crime rates and a plentiful amount of amenities, Wallingford is town that offers its residents a quality of life that is reflective of a well-established Connecticut suburb.
I fell in love with Wallingford when I first started working in Wallingford about 5 years ago. I knew after my first place living on my own I wanted to relocate to Wallingford. the people are kind and the city is clean. Everything is very convenient, however, there is alot of peaceful and serene parts of the town especially around housing and neighborhoods.
Growing up in the inspiration-town for Stars Hallow of Gilmore Girls is exactly what you'd expect. Wallingford is a close knit community with small-town charm. Wallingford's location makes traveling to the ocean, Hartford, and New Haven easy! Not to mention its excellent public schools, Wallingford raises awesome kids.
Very nice town with all major stores available very close. Two highways run right through town for easy access to all areas of the state. Very friendly people.
Wallingford is a very friendly and communitive town. The schools have great rivalries together for the sporting events. Events are very accessible and interactive with businesses and other city members. Growing up in the town was a very warm and welcoming experience and I have made numerous friendships.
I like Wallingford, CT, because its a small town and you get to know a lot of people. Everything is close by and the people are friendly.
Although Wallingford has a troubled past, I am happy to say, as an immigrant from a third world country, that Wallingford is full of diversity, community, and passion. Our town frequently hosts fun, public events that are full of interesting people who have unique passions and hobbies. We have a large assortment of different stores with different cultural items. This town not only makes me feel safe, but it welcomes me and the people in it.
I love Wallingford. I go to school a few towns over and the commute is very nice. It's close to everything because it's in the middle of the state. Its mostly residential so it has a great school system, and the family are wonderful. If you are looking more for a nightlife, then you'll want to head to the middle of town. It has beautiful scenery, and durning the summer they put on concerts. The food in the center of Wallingford is delicious and you have many options to choose from. I've lived in other towns but since I moved to Wallingford I love it.
Great small town. The center of town is super cute and has a lot of nice restaurants for any type of meal. It lacks a bit in things to do for teenagers unless they want to go to the movies or bowling but overall its a cute quaint town and there not much bad to say about it.
One of the best towns to live in. A very quiet small town with many things to do. Pick apples, create your own wine, go for walks in nature, play soccer, many restaurants, churches, it is amazing. Really recommend this town.
Wallingford, Ct is an amazing town with plenty of activities, restaurants, and a great school district.
I live here, and I love it. I have a lot of friends who live in less safe towns and wish they could live here. Everywhere should be like Wallingford!
Wallingford is a great medium sized town in Connecticut. There is also something to do in Wallingford. There is a lot a restaurants all over town so there is always somewhere to eat. You can try I new place each week. I have been living in Wallingford for over ten years and still I frequently find new amazing places to eat whether for breakfast for lunch for dinner for dessert for anything! There is so many fun activities to do as well. There is a trampoline park. There is a lot of gyms for athletes or if you just want to loose some weight. So many people come from all over Connecticut to do the fun things that Wallingford has to offer.
Wallingford is a nice New England Town, home to Choate Rosemary Hall, has a low crime rate and reviving downtown scene.
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Wallingford is a decent place to live, but there's really not much to offer other than general suburbia.
Wallingford is a great place with multiple opportunities. It can adhere to your fast paced lifestyle, enjoying a short train ride to the city or a more laid back style enjoying the vineyards.
I grew up here, and it was wonderful. Never any problems at school, or with safety. Many people grow up here, and stay, but I am glad to spread my wings and leave.
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